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Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2016

90 Federal Police Officers Raided Edmond de Rothschild Bank! How Aabar Scandal Could Dwarf 1MDB.....

90 Federal Police Officers Raided Edmond de Rothschild Bank! How Aabar Scandal Could Dwarf 1MDB.....

27 AUG

KAQ’s obsession with cars led to his purchase of a Formula One Racing Team

The Luxembourg newspaperLuxemburger Wort reported Thursday that it has emerged that at the end of June no less than 90 police, accompanied by prosecutors and a federal judge launched a massive raid on the headquarters of the private bank Edmond de Rothschild (BPERE).

The scale of the operation against a financial institution was unprecedented the paper explained and it was linked to the bank’s involvement in 1MDB, described as “possibly the largest money laundering operations ever uncovered in the Grand Duchy”.

It means that yet another of the world’s most prestigious and in this case oldest banks has been caught red-handed over its willingness to handle the proceeds of grand-scale corruption from countries like Malaysia.

Before the raid, the Chief Executive Arianne de Rothschild (see featured image) had brushed aside journalists and laughed smugly when assured by her associates that she and her bank were “untouchable”. It was caught on camera.

The cause of the Luxembourg investigation lies with the banking transactions carried out by the bank CEO Marc Ambroisien on behalf of the now arrested former IPIC boss Khadem Al Qubaisi (KAQ).

Yacht Topaz – it is now evident that it was financed by money stolen from 1MDB

As earlier exposed by Sarawak Report, Ambroisien, who has now been sacked, managed a web of private companies for KAQ, both during and after his role as Chief Executive of the bank, using off-shore secrecy to hide their activities. Ambroisien remained director of these companies and also a number of French property holding companies on KAQ’s behalf until just a few days ago.

Sarawak Report hasdemonstrated how through these companies stolen 1MDB money was used to fund multi-million dollar payments for the purchase of the Topaz super-yacht attributed to the Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansour, but used by KAQ and his circle of friends, including Jho Low and Leo di Caprio.

Cash also flowed into the shareholder company which owns the Hakkasan entertainment chain, which observers believe has seen over a billion dollars worth of investment over the past four years.

Spot the sponsorship logos! – After buying a 25% share in STR, the IPIC boss then organised sponsorship by CEPSA, Nova Chemicals and Falcon Bank, all of which he controlled

Another of the companies set up under KAQ’s Vasco Trust umbrella, managed by BPERE, was the Luxembourg-registered Mondrion, which bought a 25% share in the Italian Formula One racing team Scuderia Torro Rosso (STR) back in 2011.

That investment of 20 million euros took place not long after KAQ had made his first serious cash from “commissions” over the Barclays Bank bail out deal financed by IPIC, of which he was the CEO.  Statements show that between 2010 and 2012 almost $100 million was funnelled into Vasco by KAQ.

KAQ’s personal investment – a 25% share of STR Formula One racing team –

Luxemburger Wort then detailed how the sovereign wealth fund entrepreneur then apparently used his influence as the CEO of IPIC to channel money into sponsoring the team in which he held such a significant private stake.

IPIC subsidiaries used to sponsor STR included the Spanish oil giant CEPSA, Canada’s Nova Chemicals and Falcon Bank.

Indeed in 2013 speculation was rife that IPIC would buy up the whole team from majority owner Red Bull.

The IPIC involvement is led by it’s boss Khadem Al Qubaisi, who has been a regular fixture at Grands Prix in recent years and informed paddock opinion sees this group becoming shareholders in a team soon, perhaps Toro Rosso, depending on Red Bull’s long term strategy for its junior team” [F1 commentary]

Pattern of conflict of interest 

Analysis has shown that KAQ repeated this pattern, exhibiting a clear conflict of interest in his management of a number of the key companies he controlled within the IPIC group.  Put simply, he employed public money from the sovereign fund that he managed to back projects in which he had privately invested.

Muscari, another Luxembourg company run by BPERE controlled the Cepsa tower building in Spain

The Financial Times has already revealed, for example, how he located the CEPSA headquarters in a building he himself had leased, thereby ensuring a very good return.

The extent to which this selfishly orientated decision-making affected the well-being of the fund is now being examined by Khadem’s successors in Abu Dhabi, where he has finally been put under arrest.

After all, Aabar is believed to have lost at least $50 billion from its original $70 billion cash base and the fund, along with its parent company IPIC, is now being merged with the country’s other sovereign fund Mubadala.

Sarawak Report has further exposed how KAQ used Aabar to finance his own company’s bid to buy out Europe’s most expensive building, theSantander complex in Madrid, and also to back a number ofproperty ventures by his Tasameem Real Estate Company in New York.  KAQ companies would take shares and Aabar would invest in the venture.

The KAQ obsession with fast cars, yachts, racing teams and other entertainments also appears to have featured as a major problem is this pattern of misappropriation

Richard Branson signs a major investment agreement partnership with Mohamed Badawy Al-Hussseiny, CEO of Aabar Investments of Abu Dhabi. July 28, 2009.

Indeed, one of the biggest loss-making enterprises into which Aabar poured hundreds of millions of dollars was Richard Branson’s Virgin Glactica project, which has collapsed after recent test-flight disasters.

Mixing business with pleasure, Branson joined up with KAQ’s party-loving crowd in Cancun.

Branson partied with KAQ in Cancun and was featured with one of his youthful friends at the resort on Facebook.

But the project went down in flames at enormous cost, as did so many of the other grandiose ventures.

In fact, the disastrous mismanagement of Aabar /IPIC and the arrest of its former boss KAQ amidst a developing multi-billion dollar scandal, may well turn into a key lesson for countries that are running sovereign wealth funds, which are headed by political figures and beset by weak corporate governance.  Such organisations are set up to be corrupted.

But all this was well into the future when the youthful Jho Low first approached Prime Minister Najib in 2009 with his suggestion for a similar Arab-style sovereign wealth fund for Malaysia.

KAQ – Obsessed with fast cars and racing teams

Since 1MDB was immediately used to steal money, it is plain that his pitch had been that sovereign wealth funds are a proven method of diverting billions under the protective cover of ‘country to country’ joint ventures, diplomatic deals and top official oversight.

Once Najib took the bait, Jho Low was soon linking up with his pal from Aabar to join the plunder.

Now that both of these flamboyant, party-loving looters have come a cropper, Malaysia has perhaps just one thing to be thankful of, which is that 1MDB’s $7 billion missing is far less than what is now missing from Aabar.

Rabu, 24 Ogos 2016


Dalam pilihanraya umum 2013 lalu, BN menang 133 kerusi Parlimen, manakala Pakatan Rakyat 89 kerusi. Berdasarkan jumlah kerusi Parlimen sebanyak 222 keseluruhannya,  majoriti mudah untuk membentuk kerajaan ialah 112 kerusi.

Bagaimanapun BN berjaya mengurangkan jumlah kerusi PR dengan menawan semula Teluk Intan dalam pilihanraya kecilnya yang menyaksikan Mah Siew Kong berjaya menewaskan Dyana Sofya daripada DAP. 

Ini bermakna, Pakatan Harapan dicampur dengan BERSATU yang diinisiatifkan penubuhannya oleh Tun Mahahir Mohamad dan diketuai oleh Muhyiddin Yassin, hanya memerlukan kurang daripada 25 kerusi saja lagi untuk menumbangkan BN dalam pilihanraya akan datang.

Jika diandaikan semua kerusi yang dimenangi oleh Pakatan Harapan sekarang ini mampu dikekalkan kerana kedudukannya di kawasan bandar, separa bandar atau disebabkan faktor pengundi bukan Melayu yang agak ramai, selain Pas juga berjaya mengekalkan kerusi mereka di Kelantan, Terengganu dan Kedah, sasaran 25 kerusi yang ingin dimenangi itu sudah tentu yang merupakan kerusi yang sekarang dipegang oleh UMNO.

Bermakna, wujudnya BERSATU tidak lain ialah untuk menawan sebanyak mungkin daripada 88 kerusi Parlimen yang sedang dikuasai UMNO.

Jika dilihat, sama ada diperbualan harian dalam masyarakat atau di media sosial, sambutan rakyat terhadap kewujudan BERSATU amat positif dan memberangsangkan. Logo bunga raya bertebaran digunakan di media sosial sebagai gambar profil tanpa rasa bimbang dan takut.

Setelah pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO memberi amaran akan mengambil tindakan terhadap ahli-ahlinya yang mempromosikan parti baru itu atau memintanya keluar secara sukarela, ia sebaliknya dibalas  dengan gesaan agar BERSATU diluluskan segera pendaftarannya supaya perpindahan keahlian secara sah dapat dilakukan.

Ahli-ahli UMNO yang menolak dan membenci Najib serta vokal dalam pendirian mereka pasti akan keluar parti dan menyertai BERSATU sebaik ia diluluskan nanti. Mereka hanya menunggu masanya saja, bahkan ada yang sedang giat berkempen mengajak kawan-kawan dan keluarga untuk turut serta menjadi ahli BERSATU.

Golongan ini tentu saja tidak lagi mengundi BN dalam pilihanraya akan datang.

Mereka yang membenci Najib secara diam, tetapi masih sayang UMNO, ramai di antaranya tidak mahu lagi memberi undi kepada BN kerana percaya ia hanya akan membantu Najib untuk terus berkuasa. Berkuasanya Najib, bagi mereka, hanya akan mengekalkan atau menambah kecelaruan sedia ada.

Mereka ini lebih rela UMNO kalah atau hilang kuasa buat sepenggal dua daripada melihat Najib terus menjadi Perdana Menteri. Mereka juga percaya, setelah UMNO kalah dan majoriti pemimpin-pemimpin yang ada mengundurkan diri, kehadiran muka-muka baru akan menjadikan parti itu mampu bangkit semula dengan lebih dihormati selepas itu.

Terdapat juga ramai ahli UMNO yang sekarang ini menjadi pasif berikutan skandal kewangan dan pelbagai masalah yang dicetuskan oleh kepimpinan Najib. Mereka tidak mahu ambil tahu apa-apa tentang UMNO, tidak hadir program atau mesyuarat UMNO, bahkan berikrar tidak mahu turun mengundi dalam pilihanraya akan datang.

Golongan ini berpotensi mengurangkan jumlah undi UMNO dalam pilihanraya akan datang. Mereka ini bukan saja tidak mahu Najib terus kekal, bahkan tidak akan aktif dalam UMNO selagi suami Rosmah menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Itu belum dikira lagi jumlah pengundi atas pagar, golongan muda dan mereka yang tidak memihak kepada mana-mana parti yang akan berubah pendirian berikutan kebencian, rasa meluat dan menolak kepimpinan Najib berikutan cerita-cerita di media sosial yang tak berkesudahan.

Dalam hal ini, kewujudan BERSATU memang memberi kelebihan kepada perubahan yang ingin dilakukan. Dalam ucapan perasmian Perhimpunan Agung Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO pada 2014, Muhyiddin pernah mengingatkan bahawa perubahan sebanyak dua peratus saja pengundi yang beralih kepada pembangkang akan menyebabkan BN kehilangan kuasanya.

Dengan Tun Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal dan Mukhriz sudah meninggalkan UMNO, tidak saja usaha mengurangkan 25 kerusi UMNO itu menjadi lebih mudah, malahan perubahan pengundi yang beralih juga mungkin melebihi dua peratus.

Selain BERSATU berupaya mengurangkan jumlah keahlian UMNO, ia juga paling berpotensi menyebabkan BN kehilangan banyak undi. Dengan hanya kurang 25 kerusi untuk mengalahkan BN, apa yang perlu bagi Pakatan Harapan, BERSATU dan Pas ialah memupuk persefahaman sebaik mungkin mulai sekarang. 

Ini kerana, tidak mustahil kelulusan BERSATU akan dilengah-lengahkan atau PRU 14 akan diawalkan sebelum BERSATU diberi kelulusan. (SH 24/08/2016).

Isnin, 22 Ogos 2016

How Jho Low Used 1MDB Cash To Fund Rosmah's Diamond Shopping Sprees

How Jho Low Used 1MDB Cash To Fund Rosmah's Diamond Shopping Sprees

21 AUG 2016

More recently designer Natasha Mirpuri has taken on the role as ‘buyer’ for Rosmah’s jewellery purchases, however before her it was Jho Low.

Last month’s filing by the US Department of Justice confirmed the money trail, which had long been suggested by Sarawak Report, linking Jho Low’s mysterious role in funding the ‘First Lady’s’ obsessive diamond shopping with money he stole from 1MDB.

Our research in Hong Kong, a favourite jewellery haunt of Rosmah Mansor’s, revealed that by 2009 most of the money to settle Rosmah’s bills was coming via Jho Low.

Insiders from the industry explained to SR that the original ‘link man’ between traders and  Rosmah was the former Malaysian carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan, something that has been extensively exposed and admitted to by Deepak also.

However, in 2009, after Najib became Prime Minister and set about putting together 1MDB, it was Jho Low who started organising such payments, traders say.

He was the man to go to and emails seen by Sarawak Report confirm that he utilised his relationship managers at Coutts Bank Singapore for the purpose, including Yak Yew Chee, who moved on to manage the corrupt 1MDB/Jho Low accounts currently being investigated at the now closed Singapore branch of BSI Bank.

Yak organised transfers for jewellery purchases for Low in 2009

Sarawak Report earlier revealed how Jho Low’s company Batumba Investments Limited Hong Kong, which was a subsidiary of his then main business Wynton Capital, paid millions of dollars to a subsidiary of the New York jeweller Louis Glick called Rose Trading in Hong Kong to pay for Rosmah’s diamonds.

Transfer details of one of the payments sent to the relevant dealers

A related email from Jho Low ran ““Hi….please confirm receiving 1 million in total.. Datin is coming to Hong Kong. Do you want to show her more goods?”.

The transfers were run through Coutts as emails seen by Sarawak Report confirm:

Fwd Payment advice to Rose Trading USD1,000,000
From: Lee Julia (RBS Coutts, SG)

Dear Mr Low,

Julia Lee (attachment)

Speaking to traders again last week Sarawak Report has confirmed that in late 2009 the series of purchases from Rose Trading had amounted to no less than $3 million.  They added that another $1.7 million was paid to another Hong Kong jewellery outlet called   Firestone.

DOJ confirm the 1MDB link

However, it was the DOJ filing last month which tied these purchases directly to money taken from 1MDB via the theft by Jho Low’s company Good Star Limited from the original ‘joint venture’ with the company PetroSaudi.

Amongst a bacchanal of expenditures towards Jho Low’s gambling and partying was listed that telling payment to Rose Trading:

“between October 2009 and October 2010, misappropriated 1MDB funds sent from the Good Star Account into the Shearman IOLA Account were transferred as follows: (i) approximately $12,000,000 in wires to Caesars Palace, a Las Vegas casino; (ii) approximately $13,400,000 in wires to the Las Vegas Sands Corp., the owner of the Venetian Las Vegas, another casino; (iii) a wire for approximately $11,000,000 to “Eric” TAN Kim Loong, an associate of LOW; (iv) approximately $4,000,000 in wires to Jet Logic Ltd., a luxury jet rental service; (v) a wire for approximately $3,500,000 to LOW’s sister; (vi) a wire for approximately $3,080,000 to Rose Trading, a Hong Kong jeweler; (vii) approximately $2,698,000 in wires to Yachtzoo, a luxury yacht rental service; (viii) approximately $2,288,000 in wires to Argent Design Ltd., a United Kingdom-based interior designer; (ix) a wire for approximately $670,000 to Excel Air, a jet rental company; (x) approximately $460,000 in wires to Skyline Private Air, an aircraft rental company; and (xi) a wire for approximately $155,000 to Billiyon Air, a jet rental company. [Section 108 DOJ Report]

From this information we can now join up how the 1MDB ‘investment’ went from Good Star Limited, first to Low’s US lawyer’s client account at Shearman, then eventually to Batumba Investments Limited and then on to Rose Trading.

“He should remember it’s my money too!”

The confirmation that Rosmah’s diamonds were bought using 1MDB cash, follows hard on the heels of our earlier story that she paid for millions of ringgit ofbeauty treatments also from public money stolen from the 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, which had been funded from a loan from the public pension fund KWAP.

At the time stories about Jho Low’s gargantuan spending were hitting the news in the US and Malaysia. One confidante of the time has related that Rosmah had exploded on reading some of the coverage:

“He should remember its my money also!”

the First Lady angrily exclaimed.  At the time her listeners were not certain as to what she had meant.  But, now everyone knows!

$600 million yacht for sale – discounts likely

Major re-fit before sale in Hong Kong?

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong press have taken up Sarawak Report’s information that the yacht Equanimity is in the port and on offer for sale.

The South China Morning Post confirms that the boat has had a major re-fit in their docks and that a local agent has been engaged with a view to an apparent sale.

All parties say they have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, but have indicated that the ‘mystery owner’ of the yacht is eager for a quick sale.

Although Jho Low has treated the yacht as his own ever since he acquired it in 2013, hosting a massive party to celebrate his own birthday back in November together with a fundraiser for the UN foundation, Sarawak Report asks if perhaps the actual ownership of the boat is also a little more complex than might first appear?

That the money came from funds stolen from Malaysia can be of little doubt however and the boat ought by rights to be seized and sold by investigators in Hong Kong, who have stated that they are working together with the DOJ and other global agencies who have been working to retrieve 1MDB’s stolen assets on behalf of the Malaysian people.

It’s a job that Malaysia’s own government has been notably failing to undertake itself.

Off the coast in Hong Kong

Jumaat, 19 Ogos 2016



Posted: 18 Aug 2016 09:53 AM PDT

"Apakah dengan berdiam diri itu, PAS merestui dana 1MDB disalahguna sewenang-weanngnya? Apakah bagi PAS adalah HALAL bagi bukan Islam menggunakan wang 1MDB bagi parti seks?"

Pihak yang rimas, tidak selesa atau merasa sangsi dengan kritikan serta pendedahan demi pendedahan media Barat mengenai bagaimana dana 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) digunakan untuk ‘maksiat melampau’,  wajar melakukan penyelidikan dan jangan membiarkan negara dan 1MDB menjadi bahan ‘belasahan’.

Cari jalan untuk menjawab atau nafikan bahawa wang 1MDB tidak terbabit langsung dengan kegiatan mungkar itu.

Bukan sahaja cerita sebegini akan mendatangkan pelbagai spekulasi tetapi ia menjejas dan memalukan rakyat malah imej Malaysia sebagai negara Islam pasti terjejas.

‘Maksiat melampau’ ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan Perdana Menteri, pemimpin UMNO atau kerajaan secara langsung tetapi tempiasnya amat besar.

Apakah rakyat kita begitu  mudah dimanipulasi dan  negara kita begitu terdedah kepada perbuatan bersifat iblis oleh pihak-pihak tertentu menggunakan ‘wang rakyat’ bagi tujuan yang dilarang oleh Islam?

Yang bijak pandai dalam kumpulan tentera siber yang digaji dan mendapat upah daripada parti politik yang menyokong kerajaan, khususnya UMNO atau kerajaan dan ada yang mendapat latihan sehingga ke luar negara,  kenapa berdiam diri?

Nafikan laporan media Barat yang memburukkan 1MDB yang tempiasnya sangat dirasakan oleh negara, apa lagi  pendedahan terbaru The Hollywood Reporter (THR) bertajuk “Leonardo DiCaprio, the Malaysian Money Scandal and His "Unusual" Foundation”.

Ini kerana laporan terbaru THR itu menyebut sebuah penerbitan industri hiburan yang berpangkalan di Amerika Syarikat membuat tuduhan berat bahawa  aset yang dipercayai dicuri daripada firma pelaburan strategik negara Malaysia itu, mungkin ada kait-mengait dengan yayasan kebajikan kepunyaan bintang Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Di sini disebut mungkin dan sudah pasti ada ruang untuk diselidiki dan diperbetulkan laporan itu untuk membersihkan 1MDB.

Menurut THR, “While the complaint does not target DiCaprio — he's referred to twice in the 136-page document and only as "Hollywood Actor 1" — the scandal shines an unfamiliar light on the charitable foundation of the most powerful actor in Hollywood thanks to the way the LDF has benefited directly from DiCaprio's relationship with key figures in the saga.”

Siapa “key figures” berkenaan? 

Laporan Jabatan Keadilan (DOJ) Amerika sudah mendedahkan baru-baru ini nama-mana mereka dan sewajarnya bagi yang bersimpati dengan 1MBD, akan  berusaha membersihkan nama mereka yang disabitkan oleh DOJ itu.

DiCaprio terkenal di seluruh dunia bukan sahaja kerana lakonannya tetapi juga dengan penganjuran parti liar.

Membersihkan 1MDB ini penting bukan sahaja penting untuk ‘membebaskan tempias’ terhadap Perdana Menteri tetapi juga kerajaan, UMNO dan semua pihak yang sering dijadikan bahan belasahan oleh media antarabangsa dan pembangkang di negara ini.

Cara menutup mulut pembangkang ialah menidak atau menyakinkan rakyat bahawa laporan seperrti yang dibuat oleh THR ini BOHONG, BERNIAT JAHAT dan TIDAK BENAR SAMA SEKALI.

Malah, PAS yang terus membisu dan tidak menentang kemungkaran seperti parti seks ini amat pelik.

Sewajarnya PASlah yang melakukan sesuatu bukan sahaja sekadar mendedah dan membongkar keburukan dan kemungkaran daripada kemungkinan akibat menggunakan dana 1MDB ini tetapi menyerang pihak-pihak yang melakukan maksiat ini.

Apakah dengan berdiam diri itu, PAS merestui dana 1MDB – yang ditubuhkan untuk tujuan pembangunan negara – disalahguna sewenang-weanngnya?

Apakah bagi PAS adalah HALAL bagi bukan Islam menggunakan wang 1MDB bagi parti seks seperti ini?


‘Dibenarkan oleh PAS’ untuk dibelanjakan untuk tujuan maksiat?

Apakah suara menentang perbuatan menyalahgunakan dana ini diserahkan kepada pihak lain dan PAS mengunci mulut kerana sesuatu sebab untuk tidak ;menyakitkan’ pemimpin UMNO tertentu?

Menurut laporan THR terbaru, wujud parti serba bebas dan liar dipanggil ‘bacchanal’ pada Julai lalu.

‘Bacchanal’  boleh diterjemahkan sebagai "orgies" atau pesta seks berkumpulan dan ia merujuk kepada sambutan kumpulan kultus Bacchus, dewa purba anggur, kegilaan ritual, keghairan agama dan teater.

Mungkin keterlaluan, tetapi ‘bacchanal’ akan membuatkan para isteri pasti tergugat dengan wanita Slavic yang pakaian menjolokkan mata di mana para pasangan secara terbuka bercengkerama di bilik mandi,".

Itu adalah bagaimana THR menghuraikan majlis tahunan Yayasan Kebajikan DiCaprio (LDF) itu, berdasarkan mereka yang pernah menghadirinya.

Sambutan itu terkenal dengan keseronokan hedonistik seperti penggunaan alkohol, dadah, seks, orgies serta kerakusan.

Dan jika laporan oleh penerbitan itu adalah benar, wang yang didakwa dicuri dari 1MDB mungkin didermakan kepada ‘yayasan kebajikan’ itu di dalam salah satu parti liar yang dianjurkan bagi mengutip derma dan menghidangkan makan malam mewah dengan pelayan Slavic yang separuh bogel.

THR emndedahkannya berdasarkan maklumat dalam pemfailan pelucutan aset berkaitan 1MDB yang dibuat oleh DOJ itu.

THR melaporkan pada majlis tahun ini yang diadakan pada 20 Julai lalu di St Tropez, tiket bermula pada harga AS$11,778, dengan DiCaprio menyambut kehadiran kira-kira 500 tetamu parti liarnya.

Bagaimanapun dilaporkan Jho Low, 35, tidak hadir pada pesta seks 20 Julai itu.

Khamis, 18 Ogos 2016

The Heat Is On Hakkasan - We Reveal The Link Between 1MDB And The Billion Dollar Nightclub Chain In Vegas!

The Heat Is On Hakkasan - We Reveal The Link Between 1MDB And The Billion Dollar Nightclub Chain In Vegas!

18 AUG 2016

Hakkasan nightclub promotional

Sarawak Report has traced crucial evidence linking the Luxembourg bank accounts, which received hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from 1MDB, with the global Hakkasan nightclub and restaurant chain centred in Las Vegas.

Both the bank accounts, held in the name of Vasco Trust, and Hakkasan are owned by the former Aabar Chairman Khadem Al Qubaisi, who is now the subject of civil seizures of his assets by the US Department of Justice, relating to 1MDB thefts, and also a criminal investigation in Switzerland for suspected “fraud, dishonest management, forgery, money laundering, abuse of public trust and the corruption of foreign officials”.

Sarawak Report has now established a direct link between Vasco Trust and Tasameem Real Esate Company LLC, which is the shareholder of Hakkasan, meaning that the two are not separate entities and that Hakkasan is not ‘ring-fenced’, as has been claimed by the managers of Hakkasan.

The original funds transferred from 1MDB into Khadem Al Qubaisi’s Vasco Trust account in Luxembourg totalled half a billion

How Vasco Strategic Fund SPC (Caymans)  became Tasameem Strategic Fund (BVI)

We revealed ‘KAQ’s’ other life

It was Sarawak Report which originally revealed in March last year that over $500 million had been transferred into Khadem Al Qubaisi’s private account, under the name of Vasco Trust, at the Edmond de Rothschild Banque Privee Europe (BPERE) in Luxembourg.

Some of that money was then transferred to the US to buy Al Qubaisi’s Walker Tower penthouse in New York and a Beverley Hills mansion, for which the DOJ have issued a seizure notices.

The Vasco money all came from Jho Low entities, including Good Star Limited and a character named ‘Prince Faisal bin Turkey bin Bandar Alsaud’, which was also used to send money to Najib in KL.

However, most of the money acquired by Vasco came from a bogus BVI company named Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners, which the DOJ indictment last month specifically confirmed received $473 million stolen from the two 1MDB ‘power purchase’ loans raised in 2012, using a ‘guarantee’ provided by Al Qubaisi’s Aabar fund in Abu Dhabi.

The DOJ indictment spells out exactly how the power purchase money was stolen – much of it going to the Vasco Trust account – this is our pictorial representation of the information

The DOJ have explained in detail how $1.367 was misappropriated from the two power purchase loans raised in May and October of 21012 totalling $3.5 billion, during the so-called ‘Aabar-BVI Phase’ of the billion dollar 1MDB scam.

Falcon Bank was this week barred by Singapore from conducting future business, owing to its role over 1MDB

As shown in the diagram, Goldman Sachs, which had raised the money, first sent the lion’s share of the cash directly to 1MDB accounts held at Falcon Bank in Singapore, which was itself a subsidiary of the Aabar sovereign wealth fund of which Khadem Al Qubaisi (KAQ) was Chairman.

KAQ’s deputy Mohammed Al Husseiny was at the time Chairman of Falcon Bank.

Of this money a total of $1.4 billion was transferred on to the now notorious bogus ‘Aabar BVI’ account, which was held at BSI Bank in Lugano. BSI has already also been shut by Singapore.

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi IPIC sovereign wealth fund, of which the genuine Aabar is a subsidiary, has confirmed it had no knowledge of the diversion of this cash, which had been paid under the guise of it being a ‘refundable deposit’ for the ‘guarantee’ arranged by Aabar for the loans.

Neil Moffitt, CEO of Hakkasan, has claimed there is no 1MDB money in the group

From this moment on the money was effectively stolen and the theft could not have taken place without the connivance of KAQ and Husseiney, who were in charge of the genuine Aabar as well as being the shareholders and signatories for the bogus Aabar BVI.

The money was then passed mainly to another bogus company, Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners, this time controlled by Jho Low.

Some also went to Najib’s step-son Riza Aziz’s film production company Red Granite.

From Blackstone, it has been established that around one third of the stolen cash was transferred to Al Qubaisi’s Vasco Trust by early 2013.

The Edmond de Rothschild head banker who oversaw the deal

Marc Ambroisien – now fired from de Rothschild and this week at last resigning from KAQ’s private ventures also

The man who smoothed the path for this enormous sum of money was the Edmond de Rothschild CEO, Marc Ambroisien, who told KAQ in a recorded phone call that any other bank “like HSBC” would have frozen and reported such a suspicious series of transfers.

However, he was prepared to fix it and could do so, given his position at the private De Rothschild bank.

One week after Sarawak Report reported the existence of the Vasco Trust account at the bank in March 2015, Ambriosien, a former French tax inspector, left his position at the Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.

However, for over a year he remained managing ‘KAQ’s’ private ventures.

Ambroisien was fired from Edmond de Rothschild, but stayed on managing KAQ’s companies

Until just days ago Ambriosien has remained in charge of a web of Vasco related companies, according to company information in France and elsewhere. Various arms of the Trust have controlled different interests for Khadem Al Qubaisi.

Of particular relevance to the Hakkasan empire was one of these, which was a so-called umbrella investment arm called Vasco Strategic Fund SPC, originally incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

Vasco Strategic Fund was incorporated in 2011

Sarawak Report has obtained back statements relating to KAQ’s Vasco Trust, which include transactions by Vasco Strategic Fund, dating back to its ‘setting up fees’ in February 2011.

KAQ’s Vasco Trust statements include payments relating to Vasco Strategic Fund

The Tasameem Connection

Vasco Strategic Fund has a clear and direct connection to the Hakkasan shareholder concern, namely the Tasameem group of companies, which are owned by KAQ.

Court documents available from the BVI show that late last year Marc Ambroisien himself was making an application on behalf of a separate company (Ourea S.A.) in his capacity as a Director of another BVI company in the group, named Tasameem Strategic Fund.

The document makes clear that Tasameem Strategic fund BVI was formerly Vasco Strategic Fund in the Cayman Islands.

Vasco Strategic Fund has become part of the Tasameem group of companies, providing a link in the money trail from 1MDB to Hakkasan, which is owned by Tasameem Real Estate Company

We repeat that while Ambroisien was no longer acting for KAQ’s de Rothschild bank accounts by this date in November 2015, he was still managing many of KAQ’s private interests. Moreover, Khadem Al Qubaisi remained the Chairman of Hakkasan until April of this year.

Plainly, Vasco and Tasameem remain linked to the same sources of income.  Furthermore, KAQ and his company Tasameem still owns Hakkasan, according to its public accounts filed in the UK in May this year (signed off by the new Board members who had been appointed after Khadem Al Qubaisi resigned April 19th).

There have been no announcements to indicate that the Tasameem group has transferred ownership, which we have established belongs to Al Quabaisi, and plainly huge sums were transferred into the company in the period from its expansion in 2013 until its last filed accounts last month.

In November 2015 Marc Ambroisien remained a Director of Tasameem Strategic Fund, linked directly to the trust which received hundreds of millions from 1MDB


Sarawak Report therefore questions the claims by Hakkasan that its investments are ‘ring-fenced’ from money stolen from 1MDB and that there is no connection between the entertainment group and its owner (KAQ’s) other financial interests.

Hakkasan’s accounts, which are filed at Companies House in London, state specifically that the owner of the company is Tasameem Real Estate Company, which along with other affiliated companies of the same namebelong to Al Qubaisi.

New board member, Senator Norm Coleman – says he checked out Hakkasan and can vouch there is no 1MDB cash

The accounts also specify that much of the investment into the group has come from a $566 million ‘shareholder loan’ provided by Tasameem.

In fact, the expenditures into the Hakkasan group are estimated to have been well over a billion dollars since it began its massive and rapid expansion, beginning with the opening of the Omnia nightclub in Vegas in April 2013.

That payment was followed by dozens of other major developments over the following three years, fronted by CEO Neil Moffitt, who is cited by the DOJ filing for having signed off on the properties now sequestered from KAQ.

Yet, since it is now established that a subsidiary of Vasco Trust subsequently became an affiliate of Tasameem, both managed by the former bank manager who managed Khadem Al Qubaisi’s affairs (until he finally resigned a few days ago), it is plain that there are indeed direct links between Hakkasan and Khadem’s 1MDB funded operations.

Troubling timelines

The concerns about Hakkasan’s more than abundant sources of cash are heightened by some troubling timelines.  The Hakkasan brand was bought up by KAQ as a relatively small restaurant concern in London in 2007 for £69 million.

In early 2013 the major expansion into the Vegas nightclub scene began – just a few months after the millions started arriving into the Vasco Trust from 1MDB.

As late as last month the group was still promoting its on-going expansion and also the fact that it is still owned by Tasameem:

The Holmes Report July 2016 confirms the owner remains Tasameem

So, if KAQ was funding the enterprise from other sources, why is this not laid out in the company accounts?

If someone else owns Tasameem, why not tell who?

In which case, the question has to be how did a salaried fund manager gain such a huge sum of $566 million to invest as a ‘shareholder loan” in this nightclub company?

If the money came from Aabar PJS, the genuine subsidiary of IPIC, which KAQ controlled, then was this not referred to in any of the IPIC accounts nor in the public information about Aabar PJS’s slate of investments online, which include references to far smaller investments, but not Hakkasan?

And why is it not mentioned in Hakkasan’s own accounts in the UK?

Indeed, if Aabar PJS was an investor in Hakkasan, would this not this present a stunning conflict of interest, in that Khadem Al Qubaisi was the Chairman of the sovereign wealth fund at the time?

Finally, would it not be somewhat inappropriate for a sovereign wealth fund representing Abu Dhabi, a strict Muslim country, to invest in the alcohol and gambling Meccas of Las Vegas where bare fleshed women are the order of the day?

Sarawak Report believes therefore that the global investigators who are examining Mr Quabaisi’s financial affairs ought soon to be turning their interest to Hakkasan’s billion dollar business.



Dilaporkan saman Jabatan Kehakiman AS terhadap beberapa individu, termasuk Jho Low dan Riza Aziz untuk membekukan aset-aset yang dipercayai dibeli dengan wang 1MDB yang dilencongkan, akan bermula pada 22 Ogos ini.

Ini bermakna, mereka yang disebut namanya dalam saman itu berpeluang membela diri dan mencabar tuntutan kerajaan AS untuk merampas aset-aset bernilai AS$1 bilion atau kira-kira RM4,000 juta itu.

Persoalan sekarang ialah sama ada Jho Low, Riza Aziz dan yang lain-lain akan hadir atau tidak dalam perbicaraan tersebut.

Beranikah mereka berhujah dan menunjukkan bukti-bukti bahawa aset-aset tersebut dibeli dengan wang sendiri tidak berkait sama sekali dengan wang 1MDB?

Dalam hal ini, seorang peguam kanan, Zainur Zakaria bagaimanapun tidak yakin mereka akan hadir dalam perbicaraan tersebut kerana katanya, tuntutan Jabatan Kehakiman AS  yang berdasarkan penyiasatan FBI  hanya dilakukan setelah siasatan yang teliti dan rapi dijalankan.

Saya tidak fikir kerajaan AS akan memfailkan saman tersebut jika mereka tidak cukup bukti kerana maruah negara mereka akan berdepan risiko, tambahnya lagi.

Jika tidak hadir, bukan saja aset-aset akan dibekukan, malah juga bermakna mereka tiada kekuatan untuk mencabar dan secara tidak langsung suatu bentuk pengakuan bahawa pembelian aset-aset itu memang berkaitan dengan wang 1MDB yang dicuri.

Menurut peguam Faiz Fadzil sebelum ini, selepas saman sivil pembekuan aset itu, ia pasti akan disusuli dengan saman jenayah pula.

Apakah 22 Ogos ini merupakan permulaan kemelut 1MDB akan terungkai satu persatu kepada rakyat Malaysia dan juga dunia? (SH 18/08/2016).

Rabu, 17 Ogos 2016

Malaysia Needs Unity And Reform - So Campaign To Free Anwar! COMMENT

Malaysia Needs Unity And Reform - So Campaign To Free Anwar! COMMENT

16 AUG 2016

Malaysia cannot move forward until it rights this central injustice.

The Bersih founder and legal champion of reform and clean elections, Ambiga Shreenevasan provided a true and simple message when she spoke at the vigil to mark the jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s birthday outside Sungai Buloh prison.

She said a united oppositionwould be the best birthday present anyone could offer Malaysia’s own Mandela and she reminded the now quarrelling forces against BN of Anwar’s unique abilities.

“Only Anwar Ibrahim could create an opposition front so strong that in 2013 they won the popular vote, we must never forget that”, she said.

This was of course the very reason why the jealous tyrant, which is what the present Prime Minister has now become, drove Anwar into jail in one of the most breath-taking examples of legal persecution in modern politics.

By cutting off its head Najib reckoned he had destroyed the opposition coalition – and at the moment it looks that way. Rather than coming stronger together to fight the injustice, many have started looking for ‘new’ or ‘future’ solutions. Some are saying that Anwar was flawed and is now ‘in the past’ and that opposition parties should ‘move on’ and look for new leaders and forget him in his cell.

However, you cannot ‘move on’ from your principles and you cannot abandon justice. The result has been quarrelling.

Najib has one solution to his critics – he jails them

Indeed if there is one thing that all right-minded people of Malaysia can understand and unite in agreement over, it is that cooking up a politically motivated case against a popular leader and slamming him in jail (even after an acquittal in the High Court), which is what happened to Anwar, is a disgraceful and shocking crime, not just against him but against all the people of Malaysia.

Malaysians cannot move on with a clean conscience if they forget, ignore or abandon Anwar.  Rather, those leaders of the future must loudly unite on this one point and hold to account the thieving liar who put their mentor into jail.

Even leaders of the past, who have disagreed with Anwar, while at times working alongside him, can only but agree that the monstrous abuse of the law during the so-called Sodomy 2 trial represents a shocking slur against the good name of Malaysia.

Indeed, from jail Anwar ought by rights to become an even more powerful unifying figure than he was when free.  Because, not only the opposition, but all right-minded Malaysians who believe in justice should come together in the campaign for his release.

After all, it was Anwar who first courageously raised the alarm over 1MDB, without doubt awaking fear in the mind of the thief who is now exposed.

Key leaders from UMNO’s disaffected ranks seem more ready by the day to acknowledge that they can no longer endorse the cooked-up judgement brought against their political opponent for such low and ruthless political reasons.

Now is the time for those figures to do so in public.

They witnessed a trial that became a farce, where the present Prime Minister emerged as a central figure, having met with the alleged victim of sodomy just two days before he filed his complaint. Yet Najib lied about it twice.

They witnessed how the High Court threw out the cooked-up case for lack of evidence, only to have the new Prime Minister use all his force and powers to drive through an appeal of that acquittal and a conviction in the higher courts.

Even Najib’s own pet private lawyer was allowed to irregularly usurp the place of the public prosecutors in order to ensure the Prime Minister got the conviction he was determined to achieve against his rival.

Najib has already targeted his legal persecution against his next planned victim DAP leader Guan Eng

Now Najib is targeting these same legal weapons against the other powerful opposition figure, Guan Eng. Like a deadly snake who patiently waits, Najib stalks and slowly suffocates his political enemies through a court system that he has brought under his own control.

Therefore, what was done to Anwar and will be done to others has become a symbol of all that is wrong in present day Malaysia and it must be put right before anything else can hope to see repair.

Factions who have failed to focus on putting right this central wrong have also failed to grasp the power of the simple message of this blatant injustice to a wider world.

The Prime Minister has stolen billions, but it is his opponents who get put in jail.

So, Malaysians should cease to tell themselves that they need to “move on” from the decades long persecution of Anwar. They need to stand by this brave political hero and reach out for more support.

In South Africa it took 27 years before Nelson Mandela was freed, but the dogged determination of his supporters made that day happen and it brought them unity.

Right minded Malaysians must demand the freedom of Anwar and much quicker than that.  They all know who has committed the real crimes in Malaysia.

Ahad, 14 Ogos 2016



Kapalterbang yang ditembak di Ukraine pada 17 Julai 2014 bukannya MH17 seperti yang diputarbelitkan oleh Media.

Penerbangan MH17 yang membawa 298 penumpang dan anak kapal sepatutnya berlepas dari Amsterdam ke Kuala Lumpur pada 17 Julai 2014 pada pukul 12.30 tengahari.

Para penumpang yang dikatakan telah menaiki MH17 di Schiphol Airport Amsterdam itu sebenarnya telah diculik oleh Mossad ketika masih menunggu di Schiphol Airport.

Penerbangan MH17 yang sebenarnya telah dibatalkan penerbangannya pada hari tersebut. Lihatlah buktinya dibawah.

Gambar dibawah diambil oleh salah seorang penumpang "MH17" pada pukul 11.03 pagi pada 17 July 2014 dan diposkan ke Facebook dan menulis mesej :"In case my plane goes missing like mh370 here's a photo of it so you can find it".

Cuba lihat perkataan "RC" di bahagian roda depan pesawat MH17.

Tetapi di kawasan tapak kemalangan pula menunjukkan "RD".

Ini bermakna bahawa para penumpang MH17 yang sepatutnya menaiki pesawat "RC" pada pukul 12.30 tengahari itu telah diculik oleh Mossad dan kemudian membawa mereka ke lokasi rahsia.

Terdapat beberapa peristiwa yang membongkar kegiatan di Schiphol Airport yang dikaitkan dengan kegiatan rahsia MOSSAD. 

Antaranya peristiwa-peristiwa berikut;

1. Kapalterbang Israel mempunyai status istimewa di lapangan terbang schipol. Pada tahun 1992, Pesawat kargo ke Tel-Aviv El Al yang membawa bahan-bahan terlarang untuk perang biologi , yang di buat di US dan untuk dihantar ke Israel, terhempas di Amsterdam melanggar bangunan apartment. Pada mulanya di rahsiakan oleh pihak Belanda atas permintaan Israel tetapi didedahkan dalam satu lapuran rasmi pada Oct 1998, akhbar NRC Handlesblad melapurkan dari dokumen rasmi penyiasatan kapalterbang yang terhempas tersebut membawa 190 litre dimethyl methyl phosphonate, kimia yang digunakan untuk hasilkan gas beracun sarin.

2. Pengakuan bekas menteri pertahanan Belanda Henk Vredeling dalam temubual TV NOS mengaku Belanda menjadi proksi Israel dalam perang Yom Kippur. Mereka menggunakan Schiphol Airport untuk menghantar bekalan senjata secara rahsia ke Israel dalam perang Yom Kippur 1973. Pada 29 Januari 1999, Hakim Besar Belanda mengaku kakitangan sekuriti El Al di Schiphol Airport adalah cabang polis rahsia Israel MOSSAD.

3. Pada 25 Desember 2009, terdapat cubaan untuk meletupkan pesawat Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Seorang lelaki Nigeria Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab cuba meletupkan letupan disembunyikan dalam seluar dalamnya tetapi gagal. Ia didakwa sebagai rancangan al-Qaeda untuk meletupkan kapalterbang tersebut. Terdapat lapuran lelaki tersebut diberi kebenaran memasuki pesawat walaupun tidak mempunyai passport.


Jawapannya ialah:

Isreal ingin memulakan peperangan darat di Gaza (7 Julai hingga 26 Ogos 2014) dan untuk itu mereka memerlukan suatu insiden atau peristiwa yang besar berlaku supaya pandangan dunia dapat dialihkan. 

Jadi mereka telah merancang untuk menggunakan kapalterbang awam yang telah mereka rampas dulu (Bukan MH370 atau MH17)  dan mereka ingin menghempaskannya di Ukraine dan kemudian mereka akan menyalahkan Rusia.

Mereka memasukkan mayat-mayat yang telah mereka awetkan (Bukan penumpang dari MH17) itu kedalam kapalterbang tersebut. Kemudian mereka melancarkannya sebagai MH17 (bukan MH17 yang sebenarnya). Mereka menggunakan sistem kawalan jauh untuk mengawal pesawat tersebut dan selepas sampai di Ukraine, mereka menembaknya melalui pesawat tempur.

Selepas pesawat itu terhempas di Ukraine, mereka mula membawa serpihan kapalterbang MH370 yang telah mereka hancurkan sebelum ini (di lokasi rahsia) dan mereka mula menyusun serpihan itu bersama-sama dengan bangkai pesawat yang terhempas itu untuk menunjukkan kononnnya MH17 yang terhempas.

Meraka sangka MH17 adalah sama bentuknya seperti MH370.

Enjin pesawat yang terhempas itu sebenarnya bukan milik Boeing 777 tetapi kelihatan lebih kecil lagi saiznya.

Media-media diseluruh dunia telah diarahkan oleh Mossad untuk menghebahkan bahawa MH17 telah ditembak. Dalam sekelip mata, Amerika menuduh Rusia yang bertanggungjawab meletupkan pesawat itu.

Kalau kita kaji sejarah kes-kes pesawat terhempas, kita akan dapati kes itu mengambil masa bertahun-tahun untuk mengetahui punca sebenar kemalangan. TETAPI dalam kes MH17 ini hanya mengambil masa beberapa minit untuk mereka menuduh Rusia yang kononnya menembak pesawat MH17 sehingga terhempas.

Berikut adalah bukti-bukti yang penting untuk kita renungkan:

1) Mayat-mayat yang dijumpai disitu telahpun reput dan tidak ada sebarang kesan darah. 

2) Terdapat kesan-kesan penyeksaan pada badan mayat-mayat.

3) Mereka juga menyusun patung-patung silikon yang rupanya hampir sama dengan manusia di tapak kejadian (lihat gambar dibawah).

4) Passport –passport yang dijumpai disitu menunjukkan tidak ada sebarang kesan terbakar dan masih baru.

5) Bangkai kapalterbang yang dijumpai itu jelas menampakkan tanda-tanda MH370. Mereka sengaja meletakkan serpihan kapal terbang MH370 kerana mereka menyangka bahawa tidak ada perbezaan diantara MH17 dan MH370. Tetapi mereka tersilap. Bendera Malaysia yang terdapat diatas tingkap penumpang berhampiran pintu masuk adalah berlainan lokasi untuk MH370 dan MH17.


Gambar diatas menunjukkan solat jenazah sedang diadakan. Pelajar Malaysia telah membantu membawa keranda jenazah mangsa tragedi MH17 selepas Solat Jenazah di Rumah Mayat Monuta Ineeme, S-Gravanhage di The Hague,

Ini bermakna, Mossad telah membunuh kesemua 298 penumpang MH17 selang beberapa hari selepas mereka diculik dan jenazah mereka disimpan disitu selama hampir 35 hari. 

Jenazah mereka hanya dikembalikan ke Malaysia pada 22 Ogos 2014. 

Bagaimana pula dengan jenazah penumpang MH370 seramai 239 orang?

MH370 = 239 orang dibunuh oleh Mossad.

MH17   = 298 orang dibunuh oleh Mossad.

Jumlah = 537 orang dibunuh oleh Mossad.


Pada 6 Ogos 2015, Serpihan bangkai pesawat yang kononnya adalah dari MH370 telah ditemui di Pulau Reunion, berhampiran Madagascar di lautan Hindi.

Selepas 515 hari pesawat MH370 dilaporkan "hilang", akhirnya ada segolongan manusia yang cuba menipu penduduk dunia dengan meletakkan serpihan kapal terbang di Pulau Reunion dan mengaku yang kononya itu adalah milik MH370.

Adakah "mereka" fikir bahawa manusia di seluruh dunia adalah bodoh dan akan menerima sahaja setiap apa yang "mereka" katakan?

Jika kita lihat gambar serpihan pesawat tersebut, jelas menunjukkan ada kesan "Barnacles" iaitu sejenis siput laut yang sentiasa melekat pada perut perahu atau tiang yang terendam dalam air. Kenapa siput laut itu masih melekat pada serpihan tersebut?

Ini menunjukkan bahawa serpihan tersebut sebenarnya disimpan didalam kolam yang dikawal oleh orang tertentu selama 515 hari kemudian mereka membawa serpihan tersebut dan meletakkannya ditepi pantai untuk menipu manusia.

Pembuat Kapal Terbang Boeing telah membuat pendedahan bahawa serpihan yang dijumpai di pulau Reunion itu bukannya dari pesawat Boeing.

Lihatlah komen di bawah yang dipetik dari website

Sumber rujukan:,_rendition,_and_other_abuses_against_captives_in_iraq,_afghanistan,_and_elsewhere&hr_us_bases_and_interrogation_centers=hr_diegoGarcia