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Ahad, 1 Mei 2016

Sarawak Report Dedah Kevin Tandatangan Kertas Pertuduhan Terhadap Najib.

Sarawak Report Dedah Kevin Tandatangan Kertas Pertuduhan Terhadap Najib...Sebarkan

Dakwaan draf kertas pertuduhan ke atas terhadap Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang didedahkan oleh laman web Sarawak Report mempunyai singkatan tandatangan (initials) Timbalan Pendakwa Raya Anthony Kevin Morias, kata adiknya.

Dalam akuan sumpah berkanun (SD) hari ini, Charles Suresh Morais berkata ketika melihat dua halaman kertas pertuduhan di laman web itu pada 30 Julai, beliau mengenali singkatan 'AKM' iaitu ringkasan tandatangan abangnya di satu daripada kertas itu.

"Selepas melihat draf ini sekali lagi, saya dapati bahawa satu daripadanya telah dipinda dan mempunyai tandatangan singkatnya.

"Selepas meneliti kertas pertuduhan itu secara terperinci, saya dapati ada tandatangan abang saya, Kevin bersebelahan pindaan itu. Saya biasa dengan tandatangan dan singkatan yang digunakannya," kata Charles dalam dalam SD.

Peguam Negara Tan Sri Mohd Apandi Ali sebelum ini menolak draf kertas pertuduhan itu yang didakwa sebagai palsu.

Charles dalam akuan bersumpahnya berkata beliau sentiasa berhubungan dengan Kevin, termasuk membuat dua atau tiga panggilan telefon sebulan dan saling bertukar e-mel.

Beliau juga mendakwa bahawa dua hingga tiga bulan sebelum pembunuhan Kevin pada September lalu, abangnya meberitahu bahawa beliau sedang mengendalikan kes yang melibatkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan isterinya Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Dalam SD itu, adiknya itu juga mendakwa bahawa Kevin yang telah dipinjamkan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menyifatkan pasangan itu sebagai 'kurang memberangsangkan'.

“Katanya perbualan telefonnya mungkin diintip dan berhati-hati dengan apa yang saya katakan. katakan. Itulah sebabnya sebahagian besar perbualan kami biasanya dalam bahasa Malayalam,” katanya.

More Of Jho Low's Foreign Helpers Feel The Squeeze - Coutts Zurich Questioned

More Of Jho Low's Foreign Helpers Feel The Squeeze - Coutts Zurich Questioned
30 APR 2016

Back in February of last year, when Sarawak Report released the PetroSaudi Papers, we pin-pointed the Zurich subsidiary of Britain’s best connected bank, RBS Coutts, as being at the centre of this scandal.

It was RBS Coutts, which had facilitated the transfer of US$700 million into the account of Good Star Limited into its Zurich branch on September 29th 2009 from 1MDB.

This was despite a frantic exchange between the bank’s own compliance officers and 1MDB’s Deutsche Bank, because Coutts said they could not identify the beneficial owner of that account.  That exchange was secretly emailed by 1MDB CEO, Shahrol Halmi, to the Directors of PetroSaudi, then back-copied to Jho Low, who mailed back to his co-consipirators at PetroSaudi not to worry, because “it should be cleared soon”.

Good Star owner, Jho Low, partying with Paris Hilton after the heist

Jho Low was the owner of that account, meaning that Coutts was faced with a highly politically exposed person, with a close connection to this public deal, because of his role as official advisor to the Prime Minister and active orchestrator of the joint venture.

It was therefore about as suspicious a transaction as any bank could expect to ever encounter, involving vast sums, politically connected operators and a government deal being conducted at breakneck speed.

Nevertheless, Jho Low was right and it was indeed swiftly “sorted”.

For those of us who face the petty inconvenience of ‘anti-money laundering’ regulations by these self-same banks on a daily basis, with regard to small sums, it is an outrage that such a vast and crooked sum of money was readily processed by Coutts, even though it had been picked up as a red flashing light by its own compliance staff.

London HQ is not being investigated….

Coutts is the UK’s poshest bank (they hold the Queen’s account): their then Zurich Chairman was Earl Hume, son of an ex-Prime Minister and (coincidentally?) a patron of the British Malaysia Society.  At the time Coutts was ultimately owned by the UK Government controled RBS Bank (it had been bailed out by the public after profligate management had brought it to its knees in 2008)..

Yet, when Sarawak Report exposed this shocking action on February 28th last year there was stony silence from all concerned. It has taken a year of dogged campaigning and increasing international publicity before we have reached the stage where the Financial Times was able to break the news yesterday that Coutts has announced that it is pleased to be cooperating with the Swiss regulatory authorities on this matter.

It is for this reason that Sarawak Report has identified a barrage of ‘foreign helpers’, without whose willing law-breaking the likes of Najib and Jho Low would never have been able to plunder their fellow Malaysians.  These rogue bankers, accountants, lawyers, PR people and other ‘professionals’ behaving as crooks should be identified and properly punished, in order to warn others tempted to make their fortunes from the kickbacks on dirty deals.

‘Untouchable’ bankers?

So, what appears to have happened at Coutts?

The Swiss regulators will eventually unpick the sequence of events. However, there is always concern that such ‘white collar’ crimes are conventionally settled behind closed doors, with a negotiated fine of the bank (paid for by their innocent customers), the details kept secret and a mere rap on the knuckles for the crooked bankers.

Why are bankers thus immune from punishment, when ordinary thieves are sent to jail, we might ask?  Is it because they seek to control our politicians and have wrapped their tentacles around our institutions and our legislative processes?  The simple answer is yes and it should stop.

“Don’t worry – you are untouchable”! -1MDB thief Khadem Al Qubaisi’s banker Arriane de Rothschild is comforted by a companion after being questioned by journalists. She plainly agrees that she and all her fellow bankers are indeed immune from the consequences of laundering 1MDB’s cash!

Just a week ago the outrageous crooks at Goldman Sachs were fined just US$5 billion by US regulators for bringing the global economy to its knees, thanks to their money-grubbing and illegal behaviour during the sub-prime mortgage crash.  It is of course, the customers, who will eventually pick up that fine, not them. Indeed, not a single banker has been jailed for the illegal and irresponsible behaviour that till this day is causing suffering amongst the poorest in all of our societies, who are bearing the brunt of cut backs and ‘belt tightening’, caused by the impact of this crash.

Goldman’s former ‘top banker’ Tim Leissner

And, of course, just a couple of years after that mega-crash of 2008, Goldman Sachs and their bogus South East Asia boss, ‘Dr’ Tim Leissner, were already turning their attentions to Malaysia in a new money-making venture, namely the rape of 1MDB. We all now know what went on there…. but we are still to hear exactly how the global regulators are going to deal with these bankers once their investigations have been completed.

Back to Coutts and what happened to “clear” the Jho Low, Good Star payment.

Sarawak Report believes that it is significant that it was Coutts Singapore which had participated in the incorporation of Good Star just a few months earlier in the Seychelles.  Their Singapore branch was cited as the “principle client” of the beneficial owner, named as Jho Low, in the Seychelles company register.

So, when things got a bit sticky at the Zurich end, was it to his Singapore Coutts contacts, such as HansPeter Brunner and Yak Yew Chee, that Jho Low turned to smooth the process?

What we do know is that the following month HansPeter led the biggest ever defection in private banking history in Singapore, marching over to the ambitious new branch of rival BSI bank and taking Yak and no less than 70 other employees with him in the process.

BSI’s former ‘top banker’ HansPeter Brunner

We also know that HansPeter (who incidentally decided to retire a month or so back, as temperatures have risen around BSI) then started, together with his relationship manager Yak, to absorb a great deal of Jho Low’s business, including the transfer to BSI Singapore of no less than US$530 million of that US$700 million payment to Good Star, originally lodged with his previous employers at RBS Coutts, Zurich.

Brunner’s BSI department also took on accounts for 1MDB, SRC, Aabar and Brazen Sky, covering the whole panoply of dubious operations being managed by Low to extract and launder money from 1MDB.  These BSI transactions are now at the centre of a massive investigation by Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), who have arrested no less than two of the bank’s employees and are questioning others.

The CAD last week described it in a court hearing as by far the most complex cross border money laundering operation they have ever had to investigate, involving “staggering amounts of money” – money belonging to Malaysian taxpayers, of course.

We therefore believe that the Swiss national, Mr HansPeter Brunner, who carried away various awards for being Asia’s top banker at the time, might have some very helpful insights to share on the matter generally.

After all, the 1MDB story is throwing up a rather tight circle of key players as matters come to a head – including himself, PetroSaudi’s directors, the now arrested former executives of Aabar, plus of course Jho Low and whoever it could possibly have been who engaged Mr Low to do all this plundering and then allowed him to splash away hundreds of millions in champagne, yachts, paintings, parties and dodgy ventures….

The full Financial Times story is available here, with an excerpt below:

Royal Bank of Scotland has become embroiled in the global investigation into alleged corruption relating to Malaysia’s state investment fund, 1MDB, with the Swiss financial watchdog opening a probe into the lender, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The Swiss authorities have launched an inquiry in relation to “certain client accounts held with Coutts,” the former Swiss-based arm of RBS’s private bank, the bank disclosed on Friday, adding that it is also co-operating with regulators in other countries in relation to the same accounts.

The people said both statements referred to accounts connected to alleged wrongdoing in Malaysia. RBS sold Coutts International to Union Bancaire Privée last year but the bank said on Friday that Finma’s enforcement proceedings were focused on the period when it still owned the Swiss private bank.

Switzerland’s attorney-general said in January he had found “serious indications” that at least $4bn had been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies, following a criminal investigation related to 1MDB. The affair has rocked Malaysia’s ruling elite, and embroiled the prime minister Najib Razak, who chairs 1MDB’s advisory board.

Swiss authorities say a small portion of the $4bn was transferred to accounts held in Switzerland by former Malaysian public officials, and former and current officials from the United Arab Emirates.

Those familiar with the situation told the Financial Times that two payments totalling $860m were made between September 2009 and September 2010 from 1MDB to an account in Coutts’ Zurich branch, known as the Good Star account…..

Sabtu, 30 April 2016

Through The Looking Glass - Into The World Of Najib Razak COMMENT

Through The Looking Glass - Into The World Of Najib Razak COMMENT
30 APR 2016

‘Seditious’ cartoonist Zunar gives his take on the Sarawak scene

The present election abuses in Sarawak, spearheaded by Najib Razak, present a truly appalling spectacle.

Blatant and jaw-dropping bribery, bullying and law-breaking by the ruling BN party have reached unprecedented levels, even for Malaysia, as every day reports of new excesses continue to shock.

But the desperate Prime Minister plainly does not care.  He has personally taken charge of the whole charade, touring around the state handing out money “from BN” to everyone he wants to bribe.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders and activists are being openly barred from the state or told by the score that they have to leave in advance of the election, so that they cannot be present to assist in monitoring the count. So much for Adenan reforming the bad old ways of Taib Mahmud.

Postal votes from thousands of absent West Malaysian soldiers are being utilised to flood constituencies they are not from;  the practice of refusing to issue ID cards to opposition communities persists and of course the gerrymandering alone means that the opposition would have to win over 70% of all votes to even gain a simple majority of seats.

Browbeaten and exhausted opposition folk, who have no money, compared to resources of hundreds of millions of ringgit, fleets of helicopters and all the apparatus of the state in the hands of BN, can only stand by and protest.

Public money from 1MDB is being thrown at Sarawak

RM2 million for St Jude’s Church in Bunan Gega
– even more for mosques

Najib and Adenan are clearly perfectly willing to use money that has been stolen from the state, through 1MDB and timber cronies, to lavish on communities, who know that they only see this manna from heaven when elections come around.

Gifts of a couple of million ringgit to a church here, cheques of thousands of ringgit to schools there, crackly notes for every voter….

The fact that these gifts are peanuts, compared to what BN’s politicians have looted from the people of Sarawak, in terms of their natural resources and land rights, is something they have taken care to hide. During their decades of cynical exploitation this ruling clique have sneered that Sarawakians are “blind” to the wealth of their own state.

Likewise, promised ‘projects’, handed out illegally during this election period in the name of BN, will almost never be fulfilled. Only ‘contracts’ will be given to the movers and shakers of these communities, who instruct their longhouses what to vote.  They are threatened that if their communities don’t vote for BN, then they will be treated as enemies of the government – and that will make life hard indeed.

To observers from the outside world it is all, therefore, a total shocker: a sham election if there ever was one.

Najib no longer cares about appearances

However, Najib has plainly ceased to care about appearances, if he ever did.  In his looking glass world it simply doesn’t matter that he is blatantly indulging in such outrageous abuses and illegalities, because he will make sure his client Malaysian media reports a completely different story for his domestic audience.

Those who don’t comply are already being harassed and threatened by Najib’s stack of new laws designed to ‘protect a democratically elected government’ from ‘seditious forces’ etc etc.

Adenan bought in

The Association of Journalists has protested at this persecution of their members, trying to report the truth, but Najib, supported by Adenan, has shown no hesitation in abusing his authority over the Election Commission, the police, the civil service and even the once independent judiciary to ignore all such complaints.

Thus he determines to bludgeon a “great victory” in Sarawak.  If in the end this also demands a further bit of cheating at the ballot box, so what?  The opposition can always be banned from the count or their officials bought over by huge bribes, the logic goes. It’s all happened before.

Najib will then announce through the looking glass world of his Malaysian media that the glorious result has entirely vindicated his position – it a nutshell he has been “cleared” by the electorate. “Foreign” critics and domestic “subversives” will be told to take a hike.

The fact that the world knows that the money Najib has been lavishing in Sarawak was stolen from the public purse will be ignored – presumably the Saudi Royal ‘donor’ will be said to have returned back what was previously allegedly returned, who cares?  The Prime Minister will present himself as an all Malaysian hero and the whole of the domestic media will be forced to report the matter in this fashion – or else risk jail.

Maybe this ‘victory’ will present him with his widely mooted opportunity to slam his own former party leader, the 90 year old Dr Mahathir behind bars, for having dared point out his grand theft from 1MDB?

The opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has already been trapped in jail for over a year, for the sin of being far too effective an opponent for Mr Najib …. another outrageous advantage granted to BN over the leaderless PR coalition in Sarawak.

To Najib’s way of thinking it simply doesn’t matter if the world knows the truth, even most Malaysians, because as long as he can mobilise huge sums of cash then he can control the party leaders in charge of UMNO and control the electoral charade he calls democracy.

The reality is different

However, in the real world on the other side of the looking glass from Malaysia, an entirely separate scenario is starting to unfold, which Najib Razak appears determined to ignore, in a triumph of wishful thinking over stark reality.

Najib and those around him have lost their judgement if they think Malaysia can defy the rest of the world economy, along with the global regulators and enforcers of law and order, simply to save the position of one man, who has been caught stealing vast sums from his own country.

Yet whilst he has cavorted around Sarawak the past few days, handing out cash, the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister has failed to issue one word about the fact that the instrument of this theft, 1MDB, has now gone into default.  A US$6 billion cross default looms large and he stays silent.

Add to that the demand yesterday from Bank Negara that 1MDB further repay the US$1.8 billion it deceptively ‘invested’ into PetroSaudi.

And to that the blood-curdlingly deadly investigations that are daily progressing in Singapore against the managers of BSI Bank, who processed the cash stolen through Good Star by Jho Low along with other key accounts for 1MDB, SRC and Aabar Investments PJS Limited.

Not only has the Singapore Commercial Affairs Department described this BSI investigation as the most complex cross-border money-laundering exercise they have ever undertaken, they have also highlighted the “staggering amounts of money” involved.

The rest of the world, Luxembourg, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, the United States and a growing list of other investigating jurisdictions are all shocked too – and they clearly mean business given the actions and statements of recent weeks.  Now the wheels are in motion does Najib seriously think he can stop this process in a wider world, where he has no powers whatsoever?

This is money that was taken out of 1MDB and then laundered through a network of companies managed by Jho Low and later his accomplices from Aabar.  A great deal of this money went to Najib and his step-son’s Hollywood production company.

The details are complex and need to be teased out, but sooner rather than later players are going to be prosecuted and the money trail revealed.

Does Najib think he can escape the situation by continuing to say black is white in his looking glass bubble of Malaysia and handing out yet more of the stolen public cash to his client party fixers?

What happens when the global economy inevitably reacts to the revelation that Malaysia is being run by a master thief and criminal, whose bank accounts are frozen world-wide and whose pet fund is billions of dollars in the red?

How will Malaysian business respond to a plunging ringgit, which this will inevitably trigger?  Suddenly, Najib’s cash will seem less helpful to his crony clients and business borrowers.

Malaysians will discover that their country has become an international scandal with a world record thief for a leader, taxes rocketing to bail him out and a plunging currency to boot.

So, although Najib thinks he can use all his concentrated powers to force black to be called white in the domestic media, the truth is that this Prime Minister has lost control. He can no longer steer events, even though he tells himself he can….. because the alternative is something he fears to contemplate.

Jika Rakyat Sudah Tidak Suka Najib Sebagai PM, Jangan Undi BN Masa PRN Sarawak Dan PRU14.... Najib Ada Berani Sebut ?

Jika Rakyat Sudah Tidak Suka Najib Sebagai PM, Jangan Undi BN Masa PRU14.... Najib Ada Berani Sebut ?


"Kita bukan kerajaan kuku besi dan mengamalkan 'dictatorship'.

Tu dia .... Najib jawab kritikan dari rakyat yang sejak akhir2 ini ramai yang mula menuduh Najib mengamalkan cara diktator, termasuk Tun Mahathir yang kata Malaysia menuju ke arah negara Korea Utara dan juga dari Muhyiddin yang kata - "Kita sebenarnya sedang menyaksikan keruntuhan institusi demokrasi dan kemunculan seorang diktator baru," ( Mkini )

Kemungkinan besar Rakyat akan sambung kenyataan Najib dengan - asal jangan kritik Najib !

Terbukti, sesiapa saja yang kritik Najib atau apasaja yang berkaitan dengan Najib akan dikenakan tindakan. Sebab itu Malaysia dikata mengamalkan sistem Demokrasi Berpilih !

Kemudian Najib jelaskan lagi maksud demokrasinya -

“Kita adalah kerajaan yang menyanjung tinggi prinsip demokrasi berparlimen di mana setiap lima tahun kita akan kembalikan kepada rakyat untuk memilih kerajaan yang dikehendaki,"

Itu kita semua akui dan bersyukur kerana hak untuk memilih kerajaan adalah di tangan rakyat berasaskan sistem siapa yang memiliki kerusi Parlimen paling banyak.

No problem there. TAPI .... yang dibangkitkan rakyat bukan persoalan mengenai menukar kerajaan tapi mengenai menukar Perdana Menteri !

SO .... sesiapa boleh tolong jawab, bagaimana rakyat mahu menukar seorang PM yang dilihat tidak lagi layak untuk terus menerajui kerajaan ?

Apakah Najib dan kepimpinan Umno BERANI untuk katakan kepada rakyat bahawa - Jika rakyat sudah tidak suka lagi Najib sebagai PM, maka jangan undi BN ! ?  Ada berani ?

Sebab persoalan bagaimana mahu menukar PM itu tidak pernah mahu dijawab oleh sesiapa pun. Asal kita tanya je soalan itu, Najib dan macai2nya akan alih isu kepada menukar kerajaan.

Sekali lagi saya ulang - Rakyat mahu tahu bagaimana hendak tukar seorang PM, bukannya menukar kerajaan. Boleh sesiapa tolong jelaskan ?

Hujah Terhebat Pro 1MDB dari Calon BN Sarawak !

Hujah Terhebat Pro 1MDB dari Calon BN Sarawak !
Buat masa ni saya tak nak masuk campur hal PRN Sarawak KECUALI jika ada kaitan dengan isu 1MDB dan akaun Najib. Sebenarnya agak keliru juga kedudukan kita yang mahu melihat BN menang tapi waktu sama kita juga tidak mahu Najib kekal sebagai PM. Kita dah boleh agak sekiranya BN menang besar di Sarawak, pastinya Najib akan cuba curi kredit kononnya rakyat Sarawak menyokong kepimpinan beliau padahal Adenan sendiri resah jika nama Najib ditonjolkan sepanjang kempen berjalan kerana nama Najib sudah menjadi liabiliti kepada BN.

Tengok, manifesto BN Sarawak pun tidak ada muka Najib !

Tidak pasti samada muka2 calon BN dalam poster dan banner akan turut disertakan muka Najib sebagaimana biasa yang kita lihat ... tapi rasanya tidak kot sebab apa yang diwar2kan adalah Team Adenan bukannya Team Najib !

Sememangnya Adenan pandai membaca perasaan rakyat ....

TAPI ... bila ada calon BN yang mengeluarkan ayat bangang macam di bawah ni, terpaksa jugalah komen sepatah -


Calon Dugong, Datuk Tiong Thai King berkata kemelut 1MDB berlaku kerana pembangkang gagal dalam tugasnya memantau kerajaan.

Dalam temu-bual dengan akhbar berbahasa Cina, China Press Tiong berkata pembangkang mengabaikan tugas mereka dan menjadi tidak relevan kerana ia tidak dapat berpernan dengan berkesan.

"Mereka (pembangkang) gagal memantau kerajaan dan menghalang semua perkara ini daripada berlaku.
"Jika mereka telah gagal dalam tugas, mengapa kita perlu terus mengundi mereka?" soalnya.

Huh ? ? Mengalahkan Mat Maslan dia punya spin ! HEBAT !

Kita nak jawab pun boleh terkesima sekejap ..... sampai sekarang saya masih tercari2 point nak jawab macamana ....

Jumaat, 29 April 2016

Same Rogues Same Land Grab Practices Condoned By Adenan - BALINGIAN LAND GRAB

Same Rogues Same Land Grab Practices Condoned By Adenan - BALINGIAN LAND GRAB
27 APR 2016

DAP state deputy publicity secretary Wong King Wei.


A month ago the DAP State Assemblyman for Padungan, Wong King Wei was forced to write to the MACC to report evidence of a shocking theft from the state.

This theft had a very familiar pattern to it, of the sort that has been written about numerous times by Sarawak Report, characterised by all the Taib years of grand theft from Sarawak.

A massive chunk of land in Taib’s own backyard of Balingian (see the destruction above) had been signed over by the Land & Survey Department, which comes under the State Ministry of Planning and Resource Management, set up by Taib and now headed by his successor Adenan Satem.

The second minister in charge of the Department is the now hugely wealthy Awang Tengah.

‘Reformer’ Satem did not hesitate to take over all the three main ministries of state run by his former boss, including the Land Resources Ministry, which is still handing out cheap land to political cronies.

The land, Lots 6 & 7 of Block 4, Buloh Land District, consisted of no less than 6,766 acres (2,738 hectares) which had been handed for a pittance to a company called Greenpro Farm Sdn Bhd on 9th January 2015 for a mere RM300 per acre, compared to an estimated market value of RM4,000.

The Assemblyman quite rightly wanted to know why this had all happened right under the nose of the Chief Minister of the State in his own Department, since this give-away sale has deprived the public purse of a vast amount of money that could have been used to support the people of Sarawak?

The shortfall, in fact, is a clean RM23,457,600 that was not paid and should have been.  Instead the buyers merely paid a paltry RM2 million in royalties to the state, if indeed that money was ever collected.

Adenan still silent

So, why has the new Chief Minister, who has posed as an anti-corruption reformer, remained so silent on this shocking matter all through this election period?

Surely, this is an excellent example of the bad old ways that thrived when Taib, when his extended family helped themselves to huge chunks of Sarawak’s alienated native lands for peanuts and then ‘flipped’ them quickly on to plantation companies for ten times the price in a matter of days?

Big BN promotion in Limbang, at the centre of this land-grab.

This exposure of yet another such land-grab would have been a clear opportunity for Adenan to demand a full enquiry and to clamp down on the perpetrators, particularly if they come from the highest level?

But, nothing it appears has been done on the matter and Adenan has failed to condemn the clear theft.

Sure enough, as Wong King Wei has documented, in little over six months the land in question was duly ‘flipped’ to new buyers from the Peninsular for an unspecified price.

Let’s forget those ultimate buyers for now, because the nub of this scandal is clear. SOMEONE has prevailed on the authorities entrusted with the public interest at the LCDA to sell a huge chunk of valuable land to Greenpro Farm Sdn Bhd for peanuts.

So, who?

Wong King Wei pointed out that the main shareholders of Green Pro at the time of the alienation of this chunk of property were two young men. The main shareholder, who was also a Director called Mohamad Syah Afiq Bin Mohamad Ali, a 23 year old man from a Kampung in Limbang!

A 23 year old was behind this enormous swindle?

How extraordinary that Adenan and a swathe of government investigators have not moved on this strange situation, now it has been pointed out.  How did a 23 year old kampong boy find RM2 million to invest in such a venture and how did he swing such a cheap deal out of the authorities way over in Kuching?

Who is Mohamad Syah Afiq Bin Mohamad Ali,

More to the point WHO is Mohamad Syah Afiq Bin Mohamad Ali?  For weeks there has been stunning silence, so Sarawak Report sent an investigator up to Kampung Batu Bakarang to find out.

Poor and dusty community – so who lives here to fork out RM2 million?

The first thing our investigator noted was that there was no specific address given to the Land Registry for where our youth entrepreneur resided in this Limbang village, which is populated by the Kebayan people.

Our researcher discovered there are about 377 residents in the low key village and about 57 houses altogether.

What is clear is that nobody in the settlement could be described as particularly well-off. This is a very poor place, where locals explained they can barely make a living.  The most expensive home is valued at around RM6,000 according to our researcher.

Furthermore, everybody in this pleasant and modest community knows everybody else, but no one had heard of such a person as Mohamad Syah Afiq Bin Mohamad Ali. After all, several people pointed out, it is not even a normal Kebayan name.

However, local people do remember a young boy with a similar name, who disappeared to Kuching a little over a year or so ago, they said.  His name was Mohamad Syahfiq and he was a jobless boy just over 20 years old, locals said.  They had now lost touch with him.

There are many land brokers here

Town centre – a local store is the only amenity in Batu Bakarang

So, how come a jobless and penniless boy, with no specific address, ended up as the land dealer able to make a fortune over a purchase and sale of a chunk of land way over on the other side of Sarawak in a community completely different to his own?

It is therefore safe to assume that this boy was a mere proxy for other players, in the mode so memorably articulated by Taib’s favourite family lawyer Alvin Chong, who was filmed negotiating the sale of a similar land snatch for the former Chief Minister’s nieces just before the last state election.

“What I normally do (I will tell you some trade secrets as such), we find some guys who are villagers, sign them up for all this stuff – you can’t even reach them, they wouldn’t know how to find a lawyer would they?  Its cheap, its really cheap… it will never surface and the nominee is not going to keep a shred of paper. Can you imagine a villager comes to town and you say “I am giving you 10,000 bucks”. My God! he’s going to go back to the village, you know, he will be the one-eyed man who’s king in the land of the blind you know” [Alvin Chong, Inside Malaysia’s Shadow State]

One of the things that local people repeatedly mentioned to our visiting researcher to Batu Bakarang was that there were many ‘Land Brokers’ who operated in the area, dispensing money for just these sorts of services from locals.  People knew it was bad and slightly dangerous and they were reluctant to speak too openly, but said the practice was particularly prevalent around Limbang and Batu Bakarang… for some reason.

Awang Tengah, Minister of Resource Planning & Environment

Running ‘uncontested’ – Awang Tengah is famously rich after a decade heading up the Land Department

Wasn’t this disgusting practice just the sort of thing that caused the whole of Sarawak and Malaysia to revile Taib Mahmud and which his successor Adenan Satem and made himself so ‘popular’ by promising to put a stop to?

How come, therefore, is it still happening under Adenan Satem’s own Department – and that, even when the scam has been brought to light, this new CM has failed to do anything about it?

The answer is plain.  Adenan was hand-picked by Taib, who remains Governor and with all his hands on the economic levers of the state.  All Taib’s men are still in place, meaning that Adenan is merely their puppet.

And one of those key players, still in his same old job, is none other than the inexplicably wealthy Awang Tengah, notorious as Taib’s side-kick as the number two in the Land and Resources Ministry, where he still remains as the main power-broker behind land deals.

Kampung Batu Bakarang is none other than the village where Awang Tengah grew up, our researcher soon found out!

Everyone we spoke to mentioned this powerful political strongman as the key man of influence in their area. Some even remembered him as a boy, who went to school in nearby Limbang, where many of Tengah’s relatives still live and hold considerable sway, thanks to his powerful political influence.

Limbang on the river – most residents cross to Brunei each day to find work

So, wealthy and powerful has Tengah become, thanks to his status as Taib’s and now Adenan’s number two in the land and resources department, that at this election his political opponents all mysteriously dropped out, leaving him uncontested on polling day.

One wonders what induced these ‘opponents’ to decide not to run after all, given that Tengah is one of the most widely hated men in Sarawak?

So, Sarawak Report that Awang Tengah is requested to explain how it is that a jobless boy from his home village, where he is known to control all the people of influence, was placed as the proxy to a company that managed to gain a huge handout from the land department over which he himself presides?

We want to know why it was in the end a journalist who had to get down on the ground to dig up this blatant scandal, which could have been identified immediately by the proper authorities, who had been requested to investigate by a member of Sarawak’s own State Assembly?

And we suggest to voters who are being told that BN under Satem has reformed to wake up and realise the truth.

Mr Tengah himself has removed all possibility of himself being voted out at the next election. However, if the forces of law and order started to do their job, there are numerous grounds, we believe, on which this man ought to be disqualified from holding public office… not least because he deserves to be charged for this ‘negligence’ and misappropriation in Balingian.

Riza Faces Questioning In The US - Yet Keeps Splashing Cash On His Pal Dicaprio!

Riza Faces Questioning In The US - Yet Keeps Splashing Cash On His Pal Dicaprio!
28 APR 2016

Rosmah’s movie mogul son, Riza Aziz, has become a prime target for questioning in the United States by official investigators, now that the money trail from 1MDB points straight at his company Red Granite Pictures.

The Luxembourg prosecutor has announced as much in his thinly veiled recent statement.

The PM’s step-son has spent hundreds of millions on movies, having arrived in Hollywood out of the blue in 2010. At least a hundred million of that came directly from the bogus IPIC subsidiary Aabar Investments PJS Limited (BVI), it has been ascertained.

That company in turn received billions from the Malaysian development fund 1MDB, under the guise of paying for bond guarantees by IPIC.

IPIC have now confirmed the fraud and said it did not receive the payments.  On Tuesday 1MDB went into default on many of its debts (totalling over US$6 billion) after IPIC therefore refused to continue to honour the guarantee and after 1MDB proved unable to pick up a US$50 million payment due over a week before.

Riza has become a prime target for questioning in the United States

Riza has not cramped his style!

It was back in December 2013 that Sarawak Report first started questioning the extravagant spending of the Prime Minister’s step son, who appeared to have an inexhaustible budget to finance controversial films like the Wolf of Wall Street, which other production giants had passed over.

Riza Aziz and Red Granite partner Joey McFarland pose at the 2015 LACMA Gala

We were met with an aggressive response from Riza’s lawyers, who also attacked our reporting on Riza’s lavish lifestyle and new Beverley Hills mansion, which we said that his youth and business record did not explain.

The US authorities will now inevitably be pressing to ask the same questions of Mr Aziz and more.  They will also be doubtless wishing to speak to his personal wealth manager Debra Johnson, who is the wife of the senior partner of the legal firm Loeb & Loeb, who were hired to threaten Sarawak Report.

Debra Johnson lost her position at the finance company NKFSB after our exposures, but moved straight into her own business with Riza Aziz as her top client.

However, Riza has appeared impervious over the past year to any storm-clouds which might be gathering.

As Sarawak Report can disclose, he has continued to splash cash around Hollywood, particularly when it comes to currying favour with celebrity friends like Leonardo Dicaprio.

Dicaprio has absorbed a great deal of Jho Low and Riza Aziz’s money, in burnishing his own reputation as a ‘warrior for the environment’, as well as fully enjoying their lavish hospitality on yacht parties across the globe, gambling in Vegas, World Cup extravaganzas, ski parties and the like.

Indeed just last week Riza publicly donated a whopping $2.1 million US dollars to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), just days after it was revealed that Wolf of Wall Street ‘financier’, none other than Aabar’s CEO Mohamad Ahmed Badawy al-Husseiny, had been placed under house arrest in Abu Dhabi, with the United States requesting for his extradition to aid with their investigations into the scandal-ridden fund.

Dicaprio is on the Board of the Museum.

1MDB orchestrator Jho Low (centre) parties in Vegas with Hollywood stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire

According to the US website ArtNet News:

Wolf of Wall Street producer Riza Aziz ponied up $1.1 million to go along with the $1 million he’d already pledged. LACMA director Michael Govan revealed that Aziz was to have hosted a dinner the night before, but had been held up in Europe—the $1.1 million was a mea culpa.

Riza’s injection of cash allowed the museum to purchase a huge collection of rare movie posters from long-time collector Mike Kaplan, it was explained.

An Avid Art Collector

This isn’t the first time that Riza has supported LACMA. Research undertaken by Sarawak Report reveals that he is known as an “avid collector” of film posters and has “generously” supported the institution over the past years.

In 2014, he co-sponsored an exhibition alongside his party-pal Leonardo Dicaprio. Aziz also lent rare posters to the exhibition, which celebrated the artwork of German Expressionist Cinema.

“This gift connects LACMA‘s Art+Film initiative to an effort across departments to build a great collection of graphic design. Riza Aziz has been a dedicated supporter of Art+Film at LACMA” said LACMA Director Michael Govan.

The exhibition was “generously supported” by Riza Aziz and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

A review of the LACMA website states that the exhibition was “generously supported” by both Riza Aziz and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, but just how much financial support was given remains unclear.

In 2015, Riza donated a “major gift” of nine “extremely rare” Russian avant-garde film posters from the 1920’s to the LACMA museum. The glitzy event was hosted by none other than Leonardo Dicaprio.

The gift launches an effort led by Aziz and collector and poster expert Ralph DeLuca to build high-level support for LACMA’s interdepartmental graphic design initiative. Included among the remarkable and extremely rare posters in this gift are seven examples by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg, leading Constructivist artists universally considered innovators in the design of avant-garde film posters; an iconic Battleship Potemkin poster by Anton Lavinsky, one of the best-known designs of the period, which has inspired a number of contemporary designers; and works by Alexander Naumov and Yakov Ruklevsky.

Sarawak Report has pointed out to Leonardo Dicaprio that there are serious concerns surrounding the funding of Wolf of Wall Street

The Jho Low connection

Readers of this blog will be aware of 1MDB orchestrator Jho Low’s own contributions to the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation. In San Tropez in August 2015, Jho Low supplied a fabulously expensive Lichtenstein sculpture for an eco-charity auction run by Dicaprio.

The former party-boy cum “philanthropist” also hosted numerous lavish parties for the actor, including sponsoring an ostentatious new years celebration that included celebrating in Sydney before flying out to Las Vegas to break the year in for a second time.

LACMA appear to be the latest institution to be roped into the 1MDB debacle. Surely they should have performed due diligence before accepting money from a politically exposed person such as Riza Aziz? Sarawak Report suggests readers direct their questions straight to the museum.

Leonardo Dicaprio was among guests at Jho Low’s 2013 New Years eve bash – all paid for by the young party boy

Rabu, 27 April 2016

The Simple 'Silver Bullet' Solution To 1MDB/ Malaysia's Financial Woes? SACK NAJIB!

The Simple 'Silver Bullet' Solution To 1MDB/ Malaysia's Financial Woes? SACK NAJIB!
27 APR 2016

Hopes pinned on poor old Sarawak!

Najib is telling his paid inner circle that following the Sarawak election ‘triumph’, presently being gerrymandered, he will square the 1MDB issue with the top brass in Abu Dhabi, ‘just like the Saudis’.

He has put in for a meeting with the Crown Prince Mohammed straight after the Sarawak ‘win’, in May, according to our information.

Certainly, when he pulled off the IPIC bail-out of 1MDB, this time last year, it had created a grand impression with this self-same inner circle:

 “See, I just have to ring up my Arab friends and they give me the billions we need” he is reported to have said to the great admiration and relief of his listeners.

However, it is now universally realised that this bail out was negotiated with a couple of crooks, then in positions of trust at Aabar/IPIC, who had become enmeshed in a series of conspiracies to help insiders defraud 1MDB.

That reality was finally admitted by 1MDB’s own CEO at the weekend.

Those two crooks, former Aabar Chairman Khadem Al Qubaisi and his CEO Mohamed Al-Husseiny, have since been sacked and IPIC’s new management have publicly pointed out that their fund was also the victims of the self-same fraud, which funnelled some US$3.5 billion through a bogus subsidiary in the BVI, depriving IPIC of a promised multi-million dollar payment and signing Abu Dhabi up to guarantees that it had no need to get involved in.

The key beneficiary of that fraud, of course, was Najib himself and it seems unlikely that he will get any sort of a warm welcome in the Emirates, now that the world has worked out what happened.

To the contrary, the screws are turning, as Abu Dhabi starts to extract itself from an outrageous predicament – and it is Najib himself who is secured firmly in the vice.

Khadem is caught

It was Sarawak Report who revealed last month that Mohamed Al Husseiny was under house arrest in Abu Dhabi, pending an extradition request from the United States, where he holds citizenship.

We can now further confirm that his former boss, Khadem Al Qubaisi, regarded by many as ‘untouchable’ till now, is also held under arrest in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi authorities have issued the former top business player with a multi-million dollar repayment demand and banks worldwide have frozen his assets:

“He has given them [Abu Dhabi authorities] power of attorney over all his affairs and they have seized all his assets”, one contact has told Sarawak Report, “soon enough there will be a confession and that will implicate the responsible parties”.

Under such circumstances one can understand why both Najib and his wife Rosmah are said to be receiving injections in order to sleep at night.

Indeed, if there was any doubt of the seriousness of the action currently being taken against Khadem Al Qubaisi one need only research what has happened to Aabar and to his own positions in the private sector over the past few weeks.

Key companies purchased by Qubaisi have been obliterated from the Aabar Investments public portfolio overnight:

Aabar Investments PJS as shown on the IPIC online site March 12th

In a stroke late last month the history of the company was suddenly re-written. All the key investments set up by Khadem, including RHB Capital and Falcon Bank are no longer featured on the IPIC subsidiary’s website.

Updated on 27th March having dropped all reference to Khadem’s key ventures

These investments totalled circa US$5 billion, according to SR’s research calculations.  So, does this mean the ventures were discovered to be not strictly belonging to the IPIC fund and were rather linked to Khadem himself, in the manner of his investments in the Santander building or is there some other reason?

It leaves significant question marks over the status of ownership of major developments such as Lamar Residences, once under Aabar Properties – an investment representing around half a billion dollars according to our researches:

Half billion dollar investments under Aabar properties, no longer cited by IPIC online

Moreover, Khadem has been levered out of all his remaining roles in his private affairs over the past few weeks, a sure sign that his powers of attorney have indeed been surrendered as reported.

These include the Las Vegas based Hakkasan Nighclub and entertainment empire, which observers believe must have engaged at least $2 billion dollars in terms of investment.

On April 4th the CEO appointed by Al Qubaisi made public that his boss had resigned as Chairman:

“Mr. Al-Qubaisi has resigned as Chairman of Hakkasan, and is no longer involved in the operation of the company.” [Neil Moffitt, Hakkasan CEO]

Given that Al Qubaisi and his brother were the 100% owners of Tasameem, the company which in turn owns Hakkasan that was a stunning admission.

Al Qubaisi has also resigned from First Energy Bank, of which he was the major shareholder and his brother Darwish also stepped down in February as a Director of the Oracle shopping centre and related enterprises in Reading in the UK.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed known that Al Qubaisi’s companies in France, including several real estate ventures are also being investigated by the Luxembourg authorities, who are examining his Edmond de Rothschild bank account which sourced this network of acquisitions.

It seems fair to assume, therefore, that the game is up for Khadem and he will indeed cooperate.

Deadly timing of IPIC’s challenge

Meanwhile, at the close of markets on Monday 1MDB’s bluff was fatally called and found wanting.

The unravelling, begun with the IPIC announcement to the London Stock Exchange on 11th of April that it had indeed been cheated by a bogus subsidiary, was timed with a deadly precision, say informed insiders:

IPIC/ Aabar announcement 11th April

The announcement came just after 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda had brazenly announced to the world that his ‘rationalisation plan’ for the fund had “worked” and that 1MDB was now sitting on a comfortable RM2.3 billion to cover its expenses and just after a devastating PAC report had upheld all the criticisms of fraud.

As such, it punctured 1MDB’s carefully presented position claiming solvency.

IPIC followed up the statement with a further announcement on 18th April, saying that because of the fraud it was no longer bound to make the next repayment of US$50 million due on 1MDB’s debts the following Monday, after which there would be a five working day ‘grace period’ which expired last Monday night. The matter will be placed in the hands of dispute resolution.

Insiders say that the deadly point behind this bluff-call, was that there is no liquid cash behind Arul Kanda’s claims, putting the new CEO (who has relied on blaming his predecessors till now) squarely in the frame over the company’s record of lies and deceit.

‘It is paper cash, not hard currency that 1MDB has. Notes and promises but no cash, like those ‘units’ in BSI Bank.” explained one inside observer to Sarawak Report.

Opposition DAP spokesman Tony Pua echoed the matter with a statement today, calling Arul Kanda’s accounting “smoke and mirrors”:

The lack of conviction was made more obvious by 1MDB’s refusal to provide the Auditor-General with the necessary documents to verify the value or even the existence of 1MDB’s overseas cash and assets.

Hence the continued insistence by 1MDB that “futher debt obligations are fully matched by the sale of Bandar Malaysia land…” etc., especially after the collapse of the IPIC-1MDB agreement is an irresponsible attempt to continue play a game of smoke and mirrors.[Tony Pua]

So, the failure of 1MDB to pay the outstanding $50 million, even ‘under protest’, was because it can’t pay, is point being made, something IPIC has just deliberately and lethally exposed.

Kanda last week went cap in hand to Ministry of Finance officials, who turned the other way, Sarawak Report has been informed.

1MDB admitted this morning that all this means that the fund has been immediately thrown into default on the larger US$1.75 billion debt, owed to Bank Mellon, which bought the bond from Goldman Sachs.

There is also a house of cards impending problem of resulting cross defaults, now other lenders are freed to exercise their own rights to recall their loans to a defaulting entity. By the end of today that total sum was being calculated at over US$6.5 billion, much of which has been ultimately guaranteed by the Government of Malaysia.

It is a massive economic hit for the people of Malaysia and a huge blow to the economy, which will be worsened by an inevitable plunging ringgit.

What to do?

There is of course one very simple, straight solution to this horrible tangled mess, which is to get back as much as possible of the money stolen from 1MDB, in order to plug these debts.

The good news is that regulators in Europe, Singapore and the US have been freezing accounts and seizing assets as they investigate the trail of stolen money.

The bank accounts of Jho Low, Najib and their family members, as well of those of Khadem, Al Husseiny and Red Granite Pictures contain a sizeable chunk of the remaining cash which has not already been spent on yachts, champagne, diamonds, handbags, buying elections and the like.

There is believed to be around US$4 billion thus secured by the international forces of law and order.

All Malaysia needs is a credible government, which is willing to set in motion a proper investigation; arrest the culpable offenders and use the recovered assets to pay back these yawning debts, which would otherwise burden Malaysian taxpayers.

What are Malaysians waiting for, the rest of the world seems to be quietly saying?

Isnin, 25 April 2016

More Questions Over Goldman's Former Asia Boss

More Questions Over Goldman's Former Asia Boss
24 APR 2016

Goldman Sachs hire by far the cleverest people around, they have us know.  And the thoroughness of their work and due diligence procedures are likewise unmatched.

Which is why the more one researches the bank’s former South East Asia boss, ‘Dr’ Tim Leissner, the more embarrassing the matter gets.

Sarawak Report has already exposed Leissner for boasting a fake doctorate, something the egg-heads at Goldmans apparently missed… or worse, chose to ignore.  Things get no better when you delve into the rest of the banker’s CV.

JP Morgan, followed by Lehman Bros?

The most cursory of examinations throws up discrepancies in Mr Leissner’s personal story above.  In particular, he consistently boasted of past posts at Lehman Brothers (handily now defunct) and before that JP Morgan, where he had progressed to Vice President, according to a much published CV.

However, Leissner’s official filings with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the United States, detail a totally different employment history.

A regular ‘Broker Check’ with the authority shows the job history he provided to the regulator – something anyone would think twice about lying about:

Teaching in a school in Germany?

These details state that for the period 1987-2006 Leissner was in fact employed by a school in Loolfsburg Germany.

Contrast this with the packed CV for that period regularly publicised by him during his employment at Goldman Sachs.  This details a degree, masters and Phd, obtained between 89 and 93, followed by a job at JP Morgan between 92 and 95 (overlapping the Phd) and Lehman Brothers from 97-98.

Surely such discrepancies ought to have been picked up and then easily checked out by Goldman Sachs?

Thankfully, researchers have at least confirmed Mr Leissner’s German degree.  And he appears to have got his Hartford MBA through the American university’s “Paris program”, which began in 1985 and lasted for 10 years. According to Hartford’s Barney School of Business website, this involved ‘distance learning’ with the average graduate taking 36 months to complete a degree.

Financial investigator Burke L Files commented to Sarawak Report:

“Timothy Leissner appears to have been a trusted and capable salesman for Goldman Sachs. The hard evidence of this trust is he lead Goldman Sachs’ placement of billions of dollars in bonds for 1MDB, the Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund.  As a regular part of his duties for Goldman Sachs, Tim Leissner dealt with prominent politicians from several governments.  Yet his biography contained 2 waving red flags. One would think that someone at Goldman Sachs would have noticed his doctorate was from a diploma mill. At a minimum a Ph.D in a year beggars belief.  The second is the incongruity between the biography published in all of the conference brochures and the biography he supplied to FINRA as part of obtaining his US securities licences. The former had him working for Lehman Brothers and J.P. Morgan.  However, in Leissner’s disclosure of previous work history to FINRA Lehman Brothers and J.P. Morgan are not mentioned.

According to the FINRA record, at the same time his conference brochures have him in high finance in Asia, he was working at a high school in Wolfsburg, Germany.  Mind you, either history is fine. However, either one, or possibly both, histories are plainly incorrect”.

Further misrepresentation

Given these misrepresentations it is perhaps not so surprising that the 1MDB bond offerings masterminded by Leissner are also riddled with blatant misleading information.

Take, for example, the US$3 billion offering made in March 2013, ostensibly to support investments under the so-called ‘Strategic Partnership’ with Abu Dhabi.

As in previous 1MDB bond offerings Goldman Sachs presented the fund to investors as a tightly managed company, controlled by its Board of Directors.

Strong Risk Management

1MDB has a stringent risk management control function, with the Board of Directors holding ultimate accountability for the risk and related control environment and being responsible for approving and reviewing risk policies and methodologies. The Board of Directors is supported in this task by board delegated committees for reviewing and challenging risk information, which in turn are supported by a Risk Management Department, along with strategic business and support units. 1MDB also has stringent ‘Chinese wall’ and whistle-blower policies in light of the sensitivity of its projects and investments.

In fact, as Goldman Sachs ought to well have known, the articles of 1MDB gave total and arbitrary personal power over all decisions to the Finance Minister, who was the sole shareholder and signatory of the fund, under the special provisions inserted under Section 117.

After all, Mr Leissner and his team were paid hundreds of millions of dollars for their high flying services on the deal, so how could they have neglected to impart such a vital piece of information, which undermined all the supposed ‘strong risk management’ it was claiming for its bond holders?

It is those self-same bond holders, who are now facing a catastrophic default situation on their investment.

Loyalties elsewhere? Tim’s celebrity fashion model wife Kimora hangs out with her ‘dear friend’ Rosmah Mansor

Percentage point!

On an entirely separate 1MDB related matter, a sharp eyed reader has pointed out a very interesting figure from our reporting on the money sent by Jho Low’s various companies to PetroSaudi director Tarek Obaid on 29th September 2009.

This was the same day that US$700 million was wired from 1MDB to Jho Low’s company Good Star Limited’s account in Zurich (allegedly as part of the PetroSaudi joint venture).

Tarek was sent an $85 million ‘brokerage fee’ directly from Good Star Limited and also a separate $20 million payment from another Jho Low company, Acme Time in Singapore.

Together these payments add up to exactly 15% of $700 million wired to Good Star on the same day from 1MDB ($105 million). Was this breaking up of the payments designed to disguise the round figure kickback?

Meanwhile, the $33 million payment to fellow director Patrick Mahony is a mere $2 million short of a tidy 1/3 for him ($35 million) of that cut. The hunt is on for that missing $2 million!

Ahad, 24 April 2016


Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa politik memainkan peranan sejarah yang amat signifikan dalam proses kebangkitan sebuah negara-bangsa. Jatuh-bangun sesebuah negara-bangsa amat bergantung kepada halatuju kepemimpinan dan politik semasa.

Malangnya, perkembangan dan pergolakan politik negara secara langsung menunjukkan kepimpinan Melayu  sentiasa berhadapan dengan konflik dalaman yang tidak kunjung padam.

Politik Melayu Abad 21

Politik Melayu abad 21 tidaklah banyak berbeza daripada abad ke-20, bahkan semakin parah. Dari segi politik, Melayu kini sekurang-kurangnya terbelah tiga. Kalau dahulu politik Melayu hanya diwakili oleh UMNO dan PAS, kini muncul PKR sebagai alternatif. Melayu yang sudah bosan dengan UMNO dan kurang cocok dengan PAS telah memilih PKR sebagai alternatif.

Tahun 1998 adalah titik-tolak yang paling tragis dalam sejarah kepemimpinan politik Melayu. Pemecatan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim daripada jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri ketika itu amat mengejutkan. Kalau dahulu kemelut politik melayu hanya berkisar di sekitar masalah kepemimpinan dalam UMNO, tetapi sejak tahun 1998, corak politik Melayu berubah dengan begitu drastik.

Walaupun sudah berlaku perpecahan di kalangan Melayu pada tahun 1987 apabila berlaku pertandingan jawatan Presiden UMNO di antara Dr. Mahathir dan Tengku Razaleigh sehingga membawa kepada penubuhan Parti Semangat 46, namun keadaan itu reda pada tahun 1995 apabila UMNO dan BN menang besar dalam PRU ke-9. Tetapi perkembangan politik pada tahun 1998 dan PRU 1999 memberi kesan yang besar. Kemenangan BN dan UMNO yang dilihat telah memadamkan gerakan REFORMASI yang dipelopori oleh Anwar Ibrahim pada tahun 2004, namun realiti politik 2008 telah bertukar corak dan mewarnai senario politik Melayu di abad ke-21 ini.

UMNO dan BN  yang telah memerintah negara sejak kemerdekaan 1957 telah gagal mempertahankan majoriti 2/3 di Dewan Rakyat. Politik baru menuntut ketelusan dan keadilan yang mementingkan rakyat dan pengundi mendapat tempat.

Akibat kekecohan yang ketara di saf kepimpinan Melayu dalam pelbagai bidang sama ada kepimpinan politik, ekonomi, sosial, budaya, korporat dan birokrat serta intelektual, kepemimpinan bangsa Melayu telah kehilangan tumpuan dalam memperbaiki nasib bangsa.

Di samping banyak retorik politik dilaungkan, kita juga menyaksikan tabiat bergimik dalam kepemimpinan yang tidak menguntungkan bangsa Melayu sendiri. Dengan aksi menghunus keris dan bertempik untuk mengisytihar perang ke atas bangsa sendiri, ternyata kepimpinan Melayu mudah dibuai emosi yang tidak terkendali.

Menghulur bantuan kepada bangsa yang terpinggir bukan dilihat sebagai sebuah amanah tetapi sekadar propaganda politik dan pembinaan imej untuk diperaga. Menjelajah di kawasan Melayu terlantar bukan kerana mahu merasai penderitaan dan mencari jalan mengatasi kenapa derita itu berlaku, akan tetapi kerana mahu dilihat merakyat dan prihatin kepada rakyat. Anehnya rakyat itu jualah yang sering dijadi bahan media untuk menunjukkan kononnya keprihatinan pemimpin yang beraspirasi tinggi bagi memudahkannya mendaki puncak kedudukan yang menawarkan keselesaan.

Pernyataan-pernyataan yang nampaknya lebih untuk menonjolkan diri dari benar-benar mengatasi masalah bangsa menyebabkan mada depan Melayu terus menghadapi ketidaktentuan.

Nampaknya masyarakat Melayu terbanyak sudah tidak lagi menaruh harapan yang terlalu tinggi kepada kepemimpinan Melayu yang sedia ada, lantaran yang disaksikan dan dipekikkan ialah laungan dan retorik besar tanpa komitmen bersungguh-sungguh untuk mengubah nasib bangsa.

Yang nyata ialah persoalan bangsa Melayu dalam pelbagai sektor kini sangat rapuh bila berhadapan dengan persaingan dan rempuhan global, sehingga banyak kepentingan bangsa  terpaksa diperjudikan hanya kerana pemimpin-pemimpin mencanangkan agenda peribadi dalam perlumbaan di pentas politik.

Pemikiran dangkal sesetengah pemimpin telah meletakkan bangsa Melayu dalam keadaan yang merugikan. Bukan kerana bangsa Melayu tidak mahu dan tidak mampu bersaing, akan tetapi akibat pemimpin yang tidak jujur dan hanya mementingkan kuasa dan kedudukan daripada soal memperbaiki nasib bangsa  Melayu terbanyak, telah menjadikan bangsa Melayu terus berada di pihak yang tersudut.

Sikap mabuk jawatan dan gila kuasa sering diperlihatkan dalam kelompok kepimpinan bangsa Melayu. Bukan asing lagi cerita politik wang, politik cantas-mencatas dan politik bunuh-membunuh,  menjadi watak politik bangsa melayu. Bahasa politik nampaknya mempunyai kamusnya sendiri yang tidak  mempunyai kaitan samasekali dengan nasib rakyat. Politik dianggap sebuah permainan, berparti politik dilihat sebagai medan bertarung merebut pengaruh.

Golongan kepemimpinan elit bangsa Melayu masih mempamerkan watak feudal yang sangat ketara sehingga yang menjadi keutamaan ialah untuk mendapat tempat di hati mereka yang berkuasa dan berharap akan membuka peluang untuk melanjutkan  cita-cita naik ke atas. Soal hak dan batil bukan menjadi pantang larang dalam kepimpinan bangsa. Awlawiyat siyasi (keutamaan politik) mereka bukan untuk perubahan tetapi untuk kantong masing-masing, bukan untuk transformasi bangsa tetapi untuk tengkorok peribadi.

Retorik Murahan?

Kini 2008 berlalu dengan sejumlah isu bangsa yang masih terus berpanjangan. Dengan kepimpinan Melayu di peringkat negara yang silih berganti dari peringkat negeri dan pusat, dari peringkat akar umbi sehingga korporat, yang nyata isu-isu yang mendepani bangsa Melayu semacam tidak berkesudahan. Apakah kita menghadapi suatu laknat bangsa yang tidak terawat lagi?

Perhatikan ketika mana bangsa Melayu melihat kampung halaman serta tanah milik Melayu ditelan pembangunan tahun demi tahun. Kepimpinan Melayu terus beretorik dengan pelbagai pengumuman. Malangnya penguncupan tanah milik Melayu terus meruncing.

Kini pembangunan terus dipacu yang melibatkan pengambilan tanah rakyat terus menerus di beberapa negeri melalui Akta Pengambilan Tanah 1960. Atas nama pembangunan projek mega, kawasan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang digelar pembangunan koridor ekonomi dijangka akan menelan lagi tanah yang umumnya akan melibatkan tanah milik Melayu. Dasar Tanah Negara masih belum mampu menyelesaikan masalah pembangunan tanah termasuk soal tanah wakaf Melayu.

Kes penyelewengan dan salahguna kuasa yang mengakibatkan tanah Melayu tergadai dan pindah tangan  kepada bukan cerita baru. Bertahun-tahun isu tanah Melayu diungkap dalam pelbagai forum dan persidangan namun ia terus tidak menunjukkan tanda yang menyakinkan bahawa orang Melayu akhirnya tidak akan merempat di negara sendiri. Sejauhmanakah peninggalan Tanah Rizab Melayu sehingga ke saat ini dan apakah ia benar-benar masih wujud seperti yang direkodkan?

Namun dari hari ke hari kita membaca berita projek-projek yang diumumkan untuk akhirnya mengambil tanah Melayu. Adakah pemimpin Melayu mengambil tahu dan secara serius menangani isu ini ? Dari apa yang kita ikuti , perbahasan di DUN dan Parlimen jarang kedengaran hal ini diungkit.

Demikian juga persoalan gejala sosial bangsa Melayu yang  bertalu-talu berlaku seolah-olah bangsa ini tidak mampu mengatasi masalah yang sangat jelas boleh di atasi, hanya jika pemimpin-pemimpin  Melayu bertegas.

Siapakah jika tidak pemimpin-pemimpin birokrat dan politik Melayulah yang mengeluarkan keizinan  KDN kepada majalah-majalah hiburan dan novel murahan, kebenaran menyiarkan acara hiburan yang tidak sesuai dengan budaya bangsa, keizinan rasmi untuk terus mengganjurkan konsert yang tidak habis-habis merosakkan adab pergaulan generasi muda, kelulusan siaran drama, filem dan acara TV  yang meninggalkan kesan negatif kepada nilai dan budaya hidup bangsa adalah sederet isu yang sebenarnya boleh diatasi dengan ketegasan pemimpin.

Akan tetapi sikap pemimpin Melayu yang umumnya bermahzab liberal dan berfikah plural inilah telah menggadai akhlak anak bangsa sehingga Melayu tidak lagi dihormati sebagai bangsa berbudi dan bersantun tinggi. Akibatnya perpsepsi bangsa lain terhadap bangsa Melayu pasti buruk dan tidak dihormati. Bercakap sahaja persoalan anak muda Melayu, bangsa lain akan mencemuh bahawa biarlah bangsa Melayu  terus bergelut dengan isu dadah, mat rempit, lepak, buang anak, penceraian, jenayah, maksiat, sumbang mahram, hiburan liar, pengangguran dan seribu satu masalah sosial.

Kelekaan Pemimpin

Ditambah semangkok lagi pemimpin-pemimpin media Melayu ternyata bukan sahaja berkesan dalam mendedahkan keruntuhan-keruntuhan sosial bangsa malah turut tidak rasa bersalah mempromosi gelagat budaya tidak beradab di kalangan golongan budayawan dan seniman Melayu.  Akibat kelekaan dan sikap tidak peduli pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu  dengan barah bangsa  ini, kita sudah mencapai peringkat kronik menunggu maut. Di tangan pemimpin Melayu jugalah lessen judi dan arak dilulus, konsert artis Barat  menggila diizinkan, filem budaya ganas dan lucah dipermisikan,  pusat hiburan dan segala khidmat social escort dibenarkan.

Sementara itu, bangsa lain termasuk pendatang asing  bertungkus lumus menguasai apa sahaja ruang  yang diperolehi untuk bertapak kukuh di tanah air ini. Statistik terbaru melaporkan 50% dari 200,000 hingga 300,000 pekerjaan baru yang dikatakan diwujudkan di negara ini dikuasai oleh pendatang asing. Apa sahaja pekerjaan yang ditolak bangsa Melayu akan  dikerumuni bangsa lain, apa sahaja kemahiran yang tidak diendah bangsa Melayu akan dikuasai bangsa lain.

Kini peruntukan kuota Melayu untuk institusi-institusi tertentu sudah mula didesak untuk dibuka atas nama meritokrasi. Atas alasan orang Melayu sendiri tidak dapat memenuhi syarat kecemerlangan akademik yang diperlukan semada dalam institusi awam, professional atau  teknologi,  malah termasuk perjawatan tinggi dan khusus dalam bilang keselamatan dan ketenteraan, maka bangsa ini akan melalui peminggiran-sendiri (self alienation) dalam tanah air sendiri.

Siapakah yang menggubal dasar ini, siapa yang merombak peraturan ini, jika tidak pemimpin politik dan birokrat Melayu itu jugalah!

Maka natijahnya sangat merunsingkan  kita, jika dihitung implikasinya dalam jangka masa panjang. Sepintas lalu sahaja kita dapat melihat kesannya sehingga ke peringkat sektor  kecil seperti kedai gunting rambut, tukang kasut, kedai bakeri,  bengkel basikal dan motor, pembuat kunci, pembuat bingkai dan pemotong cermin, memperbaiki tayar kereta, kedai foto dan fotostat, pembaik jam, pembuat pembalut kerusi kereta, bengkel besi dan lain-lain telah jauh dikuasai bangsa lain.

Adakah  boleh kita persalahkan  bangsa lain ketika pemimpin bangsa  Melayu sendiri tidak serius untuk memastikan generasi mudanya boleh hidup berdikari? Bolehkah kita menuding jari kepada orang lain jika ibu bapa Melayu sendiri yang membiarkan anaknya merempit pada malam hari, pemimpin Melayu pula bercakaran sesama sendiri (dari merebut jawatan ketua bahagian sehingga bercita-cita menjadi menteri), profesional dan korporat Melayu pula mengkhayalkan hidup mewah sementara anak-anak bangsa sendiri merempat sana ke mari mencari kerja di syarikat bangsa lain?

Keputusan Pilihan Raya Ke-12 baru-baru ini mempunyai seribu erti yang perlu difikirkan dengan sedalam-dalamnya oleh orang Melayu khususnya. Kita sudah kehilangan Singapura 45 tahun dahulu, dan dalam tempoh itu orang-orang Melayu secara tidak langsung tertindas tanpa disedari. Tidak ada kuota menteri penuh Melayu, azan tidak boleh dilaungkan di luar masjid, bahasa Melayu menjadi bahasa
ketiga, orang Melayu tidak dibenarkan memegang jawatan tertinggi dalam tentera dan polis, mereka menuntut Pulau Batu Putih sebagai milik mereka dan pelbagai
lagi milik bangsa Melayu yang sudah lenyap di tanah Singapura.

Apabila sudah hilang, tiada harapan lagi untuk kita mendapatkannya semula. Dalam tempoh akan datang, jika orang-orang Melayu tidak juga sedar bahawa mereka sekarang sudah hilang kuasa politik. Melayu sudah kehilangan kuasa tawar-menawar  (bargaining power) di tanah air sendiri.

IGP's Company Is Flogging Guns In KL! MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

IGP's Company Is Flogging Guns In KL! MAJOR EXCLUSIVE
22 APR 2016

She could recommend us a Glock, said the assistant at Nilai Arms & Ammunition this week.

The KL company boasts online that it can offer the “best selection” of guns available, and we had explained we were looking for something suitable for our ‘bodyguard’.

Niloh displays an array of weapons for sale, both of the sort used for hunting and of the sort that gangsters use to kill.

Lethal weapons – take your pick

As its name suggests, Nilai also sells ammunition.  “Out of ammo?” it advertises with a catchy American ring, “call NAA”. Displayed are cartridges and deadly bullets.

Shotgun cartridges… as well as deadly bullets!

Need a permit?

In Malaysia, of course, the use and ownership of guns is highly restricted.  In fact, as the site helpfully points out, you need to acquire a permit signed not only by your district police chief, but also the state police chief and indeed the national police chief (the IGP) as well.

It’s quite a lot to organise.

Google translation of the section of the police website on guns linked to by the Nilai website –

However, Sarawak Report was drawn to Nilai arms by disgruntled people, who got in touch, because it has become a known thing, they said, that if you want to get that permit without excessive fuss and bother, then you had better go through this particular company to buy your weapon.

” Applicants for import / usage license, when they failed to get the permits, they will resort to appoint NAA, which will smooth the application” was how one person contacting Sarawak Report explained the situation.

How come?

Sarawak Report pulled the company records for Nilai Arms & Ammunition Sdn Bhd, which is registered in KL, and found some exceedingly interesting ownership details. The majority of the shares belong to a young woman, born in 1984.

Juwiza Binti Khalid is the second daughter of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Khalid Abu Bakar.

IGP’s 32 year old daughter is the majority owner of the company, set up in 2012 just before Abu Bakar was appinted

Bigwigs in Malaysia are no strangers to conflict of interest, of course, but this example of it is surely one of the most breath-taking!

The fact that the man, who is supposedly in charge of keeping law and order on the streets, to which end a tight control over guns means that only he can sign permits, actually owns a company which sells these weapons and can assist in “smoothing the application” for his signature, simply defies belief.

Office in KL

It would appear that Abu Bakar spends his day job catching dangerous criminals, only to go home to sign off lucrative permits to allow their weapons (sold by his own private company) to be made available on the streets.

As one KL observer remarked bitterly to Sarawak Report “the police have an interest in the town becoming more dangerous for middle class folk. It means they have to live in compounds and hire former police officers to be their bodyguards”.

One can forgive the cynicism.  Because Khalid stands to get richer the more dangerous the streets become and his retired colleagues will thank him for the increase in bodyguard positions!

What about those who cannot afford a bodyguard, but who pay the taxes that fund the IGP and all his men?

This is why it is so supremely important that people in public positions avoid all such conflicts of interest, whether they hold the shares themselves or put them in the names of their young daughter.

When we started to press for further help and information on getting our Glock (and permit) the shop assistant gave us the phone number for her “boss”, whom she told us was Haji Mohd Isa. He was the one to talk to.

Other shareholder is the village head from IGP’s home town, born in the very same year!

The boss she was referring to, of course, is none other than the other shareholder in the company, Mohd Isa bin Hussin.

Mohd Isa is the village chief of Kampung Gebok, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, the same region as Nilai.

Should we consider it a coincidence that IGP Khalid Abu Baker was born in Kg Gebok, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan in the same year of 1957 as this village chief?

One can only assume that these two village lads went to school together, were probably friends and went hunting together as well!

[update – SR has now been informed that the relationship is even closer. That Mohd Isa bin Hussin is the IGP’s brother in law!]

But we could not check because Mohd Isa wasn’t picking up the phone.

The current IGP was appointed in May 2013, a year after he opened his company, and has proved extremely controversial, having focused his activities on persecuting civil rights activists and freedom of speech, in line with the present government’s apparent priority of protecting the position of the Prime Minister over any other consideration.

No doubts about it

Khalid has opened a special five man unit to scour Tweets for ‘seditious tendencies’ and only last week he arrested one opposition MP on the steps of Parliament, for saying he had read a secret document that showed corruption at 1MDB.

He has also been condemned for supporting the unlawful shooting by a police officer of a 15 year old boy, shot 21 times by pursuing cops.

What’s more, he remains, together with the handpicked AG, the most important champion of the current Prime Minister, who is drowning in evidence of corruption over 1MDB.

So, what chance is there of action against this ‘bit of business on the side’ by IGP Khaled Abu Bakar?

One victim of the situation commented to Sarawak Report today:

“A country that if free and clear of any governance and policing of money launderers is prone to become a handy trading hub for organised crime and terrorism and this is one example of what is happening on a very big scale in Malaysia” said Pascal Najadi, whose father was gunned down on the streets of KL by a hired assassin whom the police refused to prosecute in 2013.

Sabtu, 23 April 2016

The Simple Question That Exposes 1MDB - Who Owned Good Star Limited?

The Simple Question That Exposes 1MDB - Who Owned Good Star Limited?
21 APR 2016

PAC Chair Datuk Hasan Arifin has just further drawn attention to the smoking gun at 1MDB

What to make of the fact that the ‘cari makan’ chairman of the Public Accounts Committee secretly removed just two sentences from their agreed report on 1MDB just before publication?

Two sentences from some 150 pages of the report, illegally altered. Why?

The stupid manoeuvre has backfired, of course, which is why every effort by 1MDB and their boss Najib to put this particular genie back in the bottle has failed since Sarawak Report first unleashed the PetroSaudi papers back in February of last year.

Now everyone has focused on what small portion of that report was so crucial and dangerous that the powers behind this political place-man made him remove it?  And the answer is that it was the evidence that the company Good Star Limited belonged to a person unrelated to the joint venture between PetroSaudi and 1MDB.

This deadly confirmation, given by Bank Negara, proved to the PAC that the US$700 million, which went straight from 1MDB’s Deustche Bank account in KL to the Good Star Limited account at RBS Coutts in Zurich on 30th September 2009, was deliberately siphoned out of the joint venture, which had of course been the greedy intention all along.

Later, in 2011, a second direct payment was picked up by Bank Negara of US$330 million, again direct from 1MDB to the same Good Star Limited account.  Thanks to the PetroSaudi papers we have a complete copy of the original bank transfer and all the emails surrounding the dramatic theft of nearly a billion dollars:

The central question is who owned this bank account?

No secret – Jho Low was the beneficial owner

This simple central issue to the whole 1MDB story was presented by Sarawak Report on day one of our coverage of this scandal.  The PetroSaudi papers made clear way back on February 28th 2015 that Jho Low owned this company and we made that point in our very first expose.

We also showed how Jho Low orchestrated every single move of the deal, willingly assisted by his accomplices at PetroSaudi, in order to obtain that outcome.

For the entire ensuing period of over one year the fugitive Low, 1MDB and all the deniers of wrong-doing have avoided addressing this simple point, as to whom did the money go?

Disguised as a loan

In order to find an excuse to get the money out of 1MDB the managers of the fund (led by CEO Shahrol Halmi, who was working to the orders of Najib and Jho Low) together with their willing co-conspirators at PetroSaudi, fabricated a ‘loan’, supposedly owed by the PetroSaudi subsidiary, 1MDB PetroSaudi (BVI), which entered the joint venture, to its parent company, PetroSaudi International Holdings Cayman Limited (Caymans) – this Cayman company was itself a subsidiary of the main company PetroSaudi International.

The idea was that 1MDB would agree to repay this ‘loan’ at the outset of the joint venture. PetroSaudi’s London lawyers came up with a nice diagram to explain the plan as late as 21st September, just days before the money was paid out.

The plan was drawn up on 21st September, just days before the whole heist was executed behind the back of 1MDB Board members

As PAC members noted in their report on all this shenanigans, the loan was nonsense.

Both the company which supposedly issued the loan, PetroSaudi International Holdings Cayman Limited (Caymans) and the subsidiary company which supposedly received it, 1MDB PetroSaudi Limited (BVI), were created on the self same day of September 18th 2009.

The loan was then hastily issued by PetroSaudi’s lawyers between their brand new holding company and brand new subsidiary on 25th September less than a week before it was due to be ‘paid back’. There is no evidence that any money actually transferred… in fact, the paper companies of PetroSaudi Director Mr Obaid had no such assets in the first place with which to issue such a monster ‘loan’.

Loan issued by Tarek Obaid to himself three days before he demanded 1MDB paid it back – Obaid signed for both companies

By 29th of September, the day after the joint venture was signed, Tarek Obaid and PetroSaudi were issuing letters to 1MDB demanding the repayment of this ‘loan’ to be made to a mysterious bank account number at RBS Coutts, which cited no details of the name on the account.

Four days after the fictitious loan was issued Tarek was demanding it back from 1MDB

However, a mass of email evidence at the time makes clear that everyone from Jho Low to Shahrol Halmi was aware that the account belonged to a Seychelles based company called Good Star Limited.  Anxious emails flashed between Zurich and KL as the bankers at Coutts strived to learn who was the beneficial owner of this company for which they were receiving such an enormous sum of money.

1MDB CEO, Shahrol Halmi, told them it was Good Star Limited of the Seychelles.

However, the name of the company was not sufficient, the Zurich bankers said in these interchanges between 29th September and 2nd October. Who personally owned it?

These emails were forwarded to Jho Low, via the PetroSaudi email server, by the company’s directors Patrick Mahony and Tarek Obaid.  Low told them via his Blackberry (see emails below) not to worry as the matter would “soon be cleared” – as indeed it was.

The matter leaves Low’s contact at Coutts Singapore, his bank manager HansPeter Brunner, in the clear firing line for questions over how this unusual deal was finally pushed through the Zurich account.  Brunner has recently resigned his job and Low’s local relationship manager Yak Yew Chee is being investigated by the Singapore authorities:

“Should be cleared soon” Jho Low told the PetroSaudi directors – see the email trail below

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 12:28:01 +0000
To: <>

Shld be cleared soon. Pls update tarek.

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


From: Shahrol Halmi
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 08:21:15 -0400
To: ‘'<>; Casey Tang<>

Jac, please use this address for GOOD STAR LIMITED.

P.O.Box 1239, Offshore Incorporation Centre, Victoria, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles



From: Jacqueline Ho <>
To: Casey Tang; Shahrol Halmi
Sent: Fri Oct 02 06:19:20 2009

Dear Casey and Shahrol

Please see an email request from RBS Coutts to reveal the beneficiary name pertaining to 1MDB’s remittance.

In that sense, I believe RBS needs confirmation on the beneficiary’s name in order to complete their internal risk mitigating processes as no name was

We will await your instructions on whether to reveal the beneficiary name and address (please provide) to RBS Coutts.
As requested by them, we will have to send it out via email and an authenticated swift message so would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

Best Rgds
Jacqueline Ho
Corporate Coverage
Deutsche Bank (M) Bhd
Tel: + 603 20317798
Mob: +6012 2059561


This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you
are not the intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error)
please notify the sender immediately and destroy this e-mail. Any
unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this
e-mail is strictly forbidden.—– Forwarded by Jacqueline Ho/db/dbcom on 10/02/2009 05:41 PM —–


Prakash Gopi/db/dbcom

10/02/2009 04:55 PM


Jacqueline Ho/db/dbcom@DBAPAC


Jeremy Lewis/db/dbcom@DBAPAC




RBS Coutts is requesting for bene’s full details.
Can we proceed to provide the necessary information. If so, appreciate if you could provide me with the relevant details.

Warm Regards,

Prakash Gopi
Global Market Operations
Deutsche Bank (M) Bhd

—– Forwarded by Prakash Gopi/db/dbcom on 02/10/2009 04:53 PM —–

02/10/2009 04:38 PM


Prakash Gopi/db/dbcom@DBAPAC




Dear Prakash,

Please urgently confirm the full name of the final beneficiary of the funds per e-mail and authenticated swift (see details below) in order for us to apply the funds.
We are not in a position to credit the funds without full beneficiary details (full name, address, account no.).

Kind regards,

Mr Laurent Schmid
Regulatory Risk

RBS Coutts Bank Ltd
Lerchenstrasse 18
P.O. Box
8022 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel. +41 43 245 53 52
Fax +41 43 245 54 04

Π Please consider the environment before printing this email


From: Humair, Eliane (RBS Coutts, CH)
Sent: Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009 10:27
To: Cousin, Dominik (RBS Coutts, CH); Tuerler, Thomas (RBS Coutts, CH); Schmid, Laurent (RBS Coutts, CH)


Eliane Humair
Investigations Department

RBS Coutts Bank Ltd
Stauffacherstrasse 1
P.O. Box
8022 Zürich
Telephone +41 (0)43 245 58 62
Facsimile +41 (0)43 245 57 99


From: Prakash Gopi []
Sent: Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009 10:22
To: Humair, Eliane (RBS Coutts, CH)
Cc: Jeremy Lewis; Krystof Balwierz

Dear Eliane,

I have received this msg from Krystof Balwierz on behalf of yourself today.

May i urgently enquire what further details you require from DEUTMYKL since our MT103 msg had indicated that the funds were to be credited to acc 11116073.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Prakash Gopi
Global Market Operations
Deutsche Bank (M) Bhd

—– Forwarded by Prakash Gopi/db/dbcom on 02/10/2009 04:13 PM —–

Chooi-Fong Liew/db/dbcom

02/10/2009 04:09 PM To

Krystof Balwierz/db/dbcom@DBCOM


Prakash Gopi/db/dbcom@DBAPAC



Hi Krystof

I have forwarded the email to my colleague who is handling this. You can laise directly with him direclty.

Chooi fong

—– Forwarded by Chooi-Fong Liew/db/dbcom on 10/02/2009 04:06 PM —–

Chooi-Fong Liew/db/dbcom

10/02/2009 04:01 PM To

Prakash Gopi/db/dbcom@DBAPAC




Pls help.

—– Forwarded by Chooi-Fong Liew/db/dbcom on 10/02/2009 04:01 PM —–

Chooi-Fong Liew/db/dbcom

10/02/2009 03:59 PM To

Connie Lam/db/dbcom@DBAPAC, Umadevi Maslamani/db/dbcom@DBAPAC





Pls note email below . Did you send the pymt instruction? Bene Bank unable to apply. Pls provide addl details via BKTRUS33.

Chooi fong

SWIFT Address DEUTMYKLXXX Msg. Type: SW/103 – Incoming

Name: DEUTSCHE BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD Amount: 700,000,000.00 USD






20 Trn Ref # 223475056

23B Further ID CRED

32A Amount 090930USD700000000,


56A Intermediary CHASUS33

57A Acct @ Inst. /544-7-44876


59A Bene. Cust. COUTCHZZ

70 Det. of Pymt. FOR FURTHER CREDIT TO ACCT 11116073

71A Det. of Chrg. OUR


—– Forwarded by Chooi-Fong Liew/db/dbcom on 10/02/2009 09:06 AM —–

Krystof Balwierz/db/dbcom@DBCOM

10/01/2009 11:35 PM To





Dear Chooi-Fong,

… we received from our customer COUTCHZZ mt199 asking us to forward this to
DEUTMYKL as they are unable to send to them an authenticated message… its
re a big value payment ( which was not effected via deutdeff ) and is very important for them…

pls send this messga to DEUTMYKL on behalf of COUTCHZZ… thank you!


BKTRUS33) FOR USD 700,000,000.00 VALUE 30.09.2009

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Krystof Balwierz
GTO -European Cash & banking Operations
CI & A – FI Accounts & Services

As the record shows, the matter was soon cleared and the money paid on October 2nd.  At this point hasty emails were sent around PetroSaudi in London urging the directors to organise to send a letter to 1MDB to confirm receipt of the money and close down the matter:

From: Tarek Obaid
Sent: Monday, 05 October, 2009 9:11 PM
To: Patrick Mahony
Subject: Re: Petrosaudi – Letter confirming repayment of loan

Ok cool,

On 05/10/2009 21:09, “Patrick Mahony” <> wrote:
T – please print and sign this. Very important, needs to be done first thing tomorrow morning. Let me know when it is done and i will ask somebody from WC to pick it up from you. Merci

From: Rimmer, James []
Sent: Monday, 05 October, 2009 12:15 PM
To: Tarek Obaid
Cc: Buckland, Timothy; Yong, Jonathan; Patrick Mahony; Reynolds, John; Broke, Philip
Subject: Petrosaudi – Letter confirming repayment of loan

Dear Tarek,

I am working to complete post-completion formalities for the 1MDB JV matter and would be grateful if you could kindly arrange to have the attached document put onto the letterhead of  Petrosaudi Holdings (Cayman) Limited, and then signed twice, first on behalf of Petrosaudi Holdings (Cayman) Limited and second on behalf of 1MDB Petrosaudi Limited.

If you could return a PDF copy of the letter to me and then have the original sent by courier that would be much appreciated. The letter will be used as confirmation of the repayment of the $700 million loan.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards,

James Rimmer
Mergers and Acquisitions Practice
White & Case LLP

A letter was drafted and then sent, confirming that the US$700 had been paid:

But was it Mr Obaid who received the money?

With these formalities fulfilled Shahrol Halmi was in a position to tell a furious 1MDB Board that he had ‘repaid’ the loan as part of the joint venture agreement with PetroSaudi, when they met a day or so later.

As Malaysians now well know this was in total defiance of the instructions he received from the Board just days earlier, which was to wait on any payment or joint venture until proper due diligence checks had been made.

However, as Halmi told the PAC, he had ignored the Board, because it was overruled under the provisions of Section 117 of the articles of the company, which gives the final say in all matters to the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak.

Ed Morse of Citigroup made a killing out of a report that was completed in less than a week.

The justification dreamed up for this flash loan and repayment, supposedly to the PetroSaudi parent company, was that PetroSaudi had injected extremely valuable assets of US$2.9 billion into the joint venture in the form of its ‘ownership’ of Argentinian oil wells and a major oil field in Turkmenistan in the Caspian Sea. The cash, it was apparently argued, would make up for the immense value of these assets provided to the joint venture.

However, Sarawak Report has long since exposed these supposed assets to have been a sham and the valuation by the top US banker Ed Morse to have been a rushed, made to order job, based solely on PetroSaudi’s own data provided to Morse.  Morse got US$100,000 for his day of rejigging PetroSaudi’s own presentation and made sure to add a disclaimer that the figures and ownerships all needed to be independently verified.

So, what of those assets that supposedly under-pinned the ‘loan’?  Email trails the very day after the joint venture deal was signed and the money received shows that PetroSaudi moved swiftly, indeed immediately, to close down a so-called ‘Farm in Agreement’ with a company called Buried Hill, which actually owned the oil field in Turkmenistan.

PetroSaudi had merely been in the process of negotiating a possible option to take part in their venture and did not own the asset at all. By the time of the deal PetroSaudi had just five working days to pull out of that option, explained its financiers at Ashmore Group, or it would indeed have had to have bought into the venture.  PetroSaudi pulled out!

Does this explain the unseemly hurry to get this deal done by the end of September 2009?

Subject: Re: buried hill

Subject: Re: buried hill
From:”Paul Robinson” <>
Date: 06/10/2009 08:03; Patrick Mahony

Patrick any update on termination?

—– Original Message —–
From: Paul Robinson
To: ‘Patrick Mahony’ <>; Patrick Mahony
Sent: Thu Oct 01 18:46:04 2009

Patrick any news on BH – we have 5 business days to terminate from tomorrow. What about the lads at PDVSA – any word on that front?



So, there was no Turkmenistan asset injected into 1MDB!

Likewise, the Argentinian ‘asset’ was also largely funded by a loan from Ashmore, which was where Director Patrick Mahony was officially still working while he fixed up the PetroSaudi deal with 1MDB.

It means that PetroSaudi injected zero assets in return for their US$700 million ‘loan’, which was repaid in cash by 1MDB…. to a third party.

Clear conspiracy

It is for the above many reasons that PetroSaudi is proven to have played the part of willing conspirators with Jho Low in the removal of the US$700 million from 1MDB.

PetroSaudi lied about its assets and then immediately terminated the ‘farm in’ arrangement, which had provided a facade of involvement in the Turkmenistan oil field (which is in fact in a disputed area and yet to achieve legal status for drilling).

It is plain, as pointed out by the PAC report, that PetroSaudi also conspired to provide a front for the receipt of the US$700 million loan, when in fact it went to a person outside of the joint venture, namely Jho Low.

PetroSaudi and their lawyers cooperated in the fabrication of the loan arrangement and repayment demand – and then provided formal notification of their receipt of the money, when in fact Good Star Limited belonged to Jho Low.

In return, Tarek Obaid was paid US$85 million by Jho Low from Good Star Limited itself on the very day of the receipt of the US$700 million.  He also received on the same day a further US$20 million payment from another Jho Low company in Singapore, Acme Time.  Shortly after Tarek sent US$33 million of that on to his colleague Patrick Mahony.

Seet Li Lin

The formal letter which accompanied the above payment to Obaid from Good Star Limited detailed it as a “broker fee” to the Saudi businessman “in respect of raising funds from the Middle East to invest in Malaysia”.  Nothing could have been further from the truth, since no money went from the Middle East to Malaysia – on the other hand it leaves no doubt as to which deal is being referred to in this payment.

Pay out number 1 from Jho Low’s Good Star itself

Also on 30th September Jho Low arranged another US$20 million payment to Tarek through another of his Singapore companies Acme Time, which was arranged by one of his key fixers Eric Tan.

Total of over US$100 million dollars to Tarek on the day the deal went through

On top of these inducements the shareholders of PetroSaudi also received a vast cash injection into their company of US$300 million, enabling it to develop into a serious player in the oil business for the first time. PetroSaudi rapidly became involved in a lucrative venture in Venezuela thanks to its ability to now invest in oil fields in the region.

Sarawak Report believes that this criminal series of inducements (which were not authorised by the 1MDB board) were what persuaded PetroSaudi to fulfil its agreed role to “act as a front” for Jho Low.

Hence the crucial question over the real ownership of Good Star Limited.

If all the allegations against 1MDB had been false then these could have been disproved on day one by those concerned with the simple production of the official documents of Good Star Limited from the Seychelles company registry.  Likewise, the documents from Coutts showing the beneficial ownership of the Good Star Limited account at the times concerned.

If the owners had been PetroSaudi, as alleged, then the entire allegation of theft could have been simply swept away.

A year later that has not happened.  PetroSaudi has hidden behind lawyers and refused to answer the simple question over the ownership.

Dodging the question – PetroSaudi President Rick Haythornthwaite:

From: Rick Haythornthwaite <>
Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: Letter sent by PetroSaudi claiming ownership of Good Star Limited, Seychelles
To: Sarawak Report <>

Dear Mrs Rewcastle

Having now done some research into your background, it is clear that you are an active campaigning blogger rather than an objective journalist with a desire to understand the true facts behind this matter. That your email to me contains fundamental factual errors – not least suggesting that I am, or have ever been, chairman of PetroSaudi International – reinforces my concerns about your credibility.

Therefore, even if I were to be in possession of information relevant to your query, I would be unwilling to assist you in your questionable activities.

The PAC report complains also that persistent questioning of 1MDB failed to produce any documents or proof as to the ownership of Good Star Limited. The company merely offered to provide a ‘letter of assurance’ from PetroSaudi itself written in 2015, which the PAC dismissed as laughable in terms of evidence.

In fact, as long ago as our original February 28th article, Sarawak Report had established that the signatory and Chief Investment Officer for Good Star Limited in its documents dealing with both Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony was Jho Low’s deputy Seet Li Lin

Seet was the signatory on an agreement with Mahony also dated 29th September 2009

When Sarawak Report rang the above telephone number it was answered by Seet Li Lin.

Later information obtained by Sarawak Report from the Seychelles company directory has confirmed that Jho Low was indeed the sole beneficial shareholder of the now liquidated company.

And this was confirmed to the PAC, according to its original report, by none other than Bank Negara when questioned.  The bank officials told the MPs that Good Star Limited had been confirmed as belonging to a party who had nothing to do with the PetroSaudi 1MDB joint venture i.e. neither PetroSaudi nor 1MDB.

“Datuk Hasan Arifin tried to defend his unilateral decision [to chop out two sentences of the report] by claiming that the statement “is unclear or being investigated”, hence “is something prejudicial”.

The PAC Chairman should inform the Parliament and all concerned, what exactly is so unclear about Bank Negara’s findings that “the ultimate beneficiary of Good Star Limited is an individual unrelated to the Petrosaudi International Ltd”? [Tony Pua, PAC committee member]

It was this highly damaging key central issue that Najib clearly needed to be removed from the report and he therefore directed his personally appointed new Chairman of the Committee to break the rules and take out those two crucial lines relating to the admission by Bank Negara that Good Star Limited did not belong to PetroSaudi.

It means the money was indeed stolen by the agent of Najib, Jho Low…. unless, after a year of ducking and diving, PetroSaudi and 1MDB are able to provide genuine documentation that show otherwise?